Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is a Sodomite Supporter


Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson
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    Teresa Tomlinson

A dark precedent was set this past June when Mayor Teresa Tomlinson issued a proclamation making June "Gay Pride" month in Columbus.
To add insult to injury, an open "gay pride" concert was held downtown flaunting this aberrant lifestyle choice. As a responsible citizen and grandfather, I am ashamed that our mayor would legitimize this behavior in front of our community, especially our impressionable children. By this proclamation, she has willfully insulted the God-respecting majority of our city who know that homosexuality is unnatural and hurtful. When this behavior is heralded by our elected officials, the upright citizens of Columbus should rise up and make our own proclamation of pride in goodness and purity. If our mayor applauds homosexuality, what counterproductive behavior will be next on the list? Will she proclaim "Alcoholism Pride" month, "Adultery Pride" month or "Pedophilia Pride" month next? I hope not.
Let me say in closing, this is not a matter of hatred toward anyone, but it is a summons to return to the values of faith and responsibility which used to be very evident in our city. Our Mayor should commend right behavior and discourage the wrong, not vice versa. I call on the readers to let Mayor Tomlinson know we do not want a repeat of this "gay pride" proclamation in 2015.
Craig Harbin

Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2014/08/25/3265386/gay-pride-event-inappropriate.html?sp=/99/178/172/#storylink=cpy


  1. The only legitimate morality - that is, a morality that can be rationally imposed upon one's fellow moral agents - is one that is universal to all known moral agents, in all times and under all circumstances.

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  2. The support of sodomites is an abomination to God. Prepare to burn in Hell Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

  3. Columbus, Ga. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson obviously has no problem with sexual behavior that the vast majority of the people in the town of which she is the CEO consider to be deviant at best... vile, detestable, disgusting... at worst. Her proclamation designating this past June as Gay Pride Month is a clear indication of her moral value system...or lack thereof. Moreover, her active and official support of the sodomite lifestyle is a back-handed slap in the face of the large conservative Christian community that calls Columbus home. But then, Tomlinson is a Democrat, a term that since the late '60s has connoted support of...approval of...encouragement of...every kind of moral degeneracy. Unlike previous times, e.g., the John F. Kennedy era and before...there is now no such creature as a conservative Democrat. The nation-wrecking Jewish cabal that initiated the social revolution of the '60s saw to that. The socio-political philosophy that now prevails among Democrats is nothing more...or less...than socialism, communism lite. The modern-day Democrat Party, having been hijacked in the afore-mentioned time by the afore-mentioned force...the Jews via their mass media control...is the Party of moral deviants, degenerates, of every foul ilk. In addition to its strident encouragement of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda, the Democrat Party and its immoral acolytes are also avid advocates of abortion, i.e., infanticide, i.e., the wanton murder of innocent, helpless and defenseless babies while still in the mother's womb. Yet Democrats extoll themselves as defenders of the innocent, the down-trodden, the defenseless. Can there be a creature more innocent and defenseless than a helpless unborn baby? Teresa Tomlinson, the chief executive of Columbus, Ga., then...should examine her heart and soul...if she has a heart or soul...

  4. Columbus, Ga. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson has exposed her immoral mindset via her proclamation proclaiming June as Gay Pride Month. This writer would assert that this was a strategic mistake on her part. Tomlinson is now well into her second term as mayor, so she need not worry about her prospects for re-election. But, unless this writer is wrong...she intends to live in Columbus after she leaves office. She and her attorney husband, Tripp, whom she married when she was an attorney in Atlanta...will thus be strolling the streets of Columbus as a private citizen. Stroll, Teresa...stroll...

  5. Although Columbus, Ga. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson claims to be concerned about the pandemic of black crime that runs rampant...unconstrained...in Columbus...she has done little about it. To be fair to Tomlinson, though, there is little or nothing that even the most active mayor can do about this dynamic. Any town that has a large population of blacks will, of course, have a crime problem, regardless of how much money the hard-working population of the town pays in taxes to suppress the crime. Columbus, Ga. has at least three law enforcement entities whose purpose is to fight, deter, crime: The Columbus Police Department, the Muscogee County Sheriffs Office, and the Muscogee County Marshals Office. Columbus even boasts a "Crime Czar" by the name of Seth Brown. Yet crime has increased in this community, not decreased, despite these three layers of crime-prevention entities. This fact, then, begs the question: Can money alone deter, much less solve, the crime problem that increasingly threatens the honest citizens of Columbus? No, it cannot. As even the chiefs of police of many municipalities throughout the nation have finally been forced to admit: The first line of defense against crime is the gun-toting average citizen. The armed citizen is the first responder to crime, not the police. As the now- in- vogue aphorism goes: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away...to draw the white chalk line around the corpse. Gee, thanks, officers, but, if you don't mind, I'd rather defend myself than rely on you for protection. When my mother waddled around for nine months with me struggling in her womb, it was not her intention that, after I grew up...I would be murdered by a black criminal who wanted my shoes. Cops and other law enforcement agents carry guns to protect THEMSELVES...so why can't honest citizens carry guns to protect THEMSELVES and their families?? Is the life of a cop...i.e., a taxpayer-funded public servant...more valuable than that of the citizen who pays him or her? Answer, please.