Monday, August 4, 2014

Columbus,Georgia: White Woman Unloads Gun on Car Thief

Daily Stormer
July 30, 2014

A White woman in Columbus, Georgia had a “man” break into her house and steal the keys to her car. The next day, he came back for the vehicle, and when he refused to stop, she unloaded a full clip on him.
Finally, it appears White people are fed up and fighting back.


  1. Thank you, ma'am for saving the taxpayers a lot of money and for preventing other victims from being robbed or killed.

  2. God bless you lady for taking the time and the training to be able to stop further harm to you and your daughter. The fact that most media will not mention these stories because of the crazy gun control crowd doesn't fall of deaf ears. We spread these to other sights to be seen by others that need encouragement in this day and age.

  3. Way to go, Diane! I hope you inspire others to do the same.

  4. Black crime of every kind runs rampant in the dark, dirty, dingy and dangerous city of Columbus, Georgia, an erstwhile slave-owning town whose abominable legacy of this foul institution the modern-day powerbrokers of this former cotton mill town are striving desperately to live down, to erase from memory...a most shameful legacy indeed. Truth be told, the people of Columbus, Georgia were once the most ardent advocates of slavery during the antebellum-era that directly preceded the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865. After the smoke and violence of this genocidal, brother-against-brother war ended, over 600,000 Americans on both sides of the war...soldiers of both the federal Union and the rebels of the 11 states of the Confederacy...lay dead. The black slaves who had toiled on American soil since the early 17th century were finally emancipated by then-President Abraham Lincoln in his famous Emancipation Proclamation of 1864. History reveals that despite the manumission of the slaves from their bondage to whites over 200 years ago, little has changed in the formerly enslaved black "community." The freed blacks, now granted every right and privilege once granted only to the founding whites of America, still are inextricable enthralled in the grip of senseless, random and brutal crime, both against their fellow blacks and innocent, unwary whites. This suggests that the black race is unaccustomed to the comparatively advanced societies and cultures of the white race: A race of people born and raised in ignorant and backward societies is, even now, unsuited to thrive in a superior society and culture...the white man's culture. The born savage cannot be improved by even the most herculean efforts of the white race to save them from their own criminal proclivities. The black slaves freed by Lincoln have since then shown their appreciation for their freedom by running amok in the society...the cities.. of America. Black crime, both against their own people and against the white power structure that freed them in that long-ago deadly conflict...has in recent years increased almost exponentially since the decades in which they received their freedom by Lincoln and the naïve, well-meaning abolishionist whites of that era who sought to assimilate blacks into American society and culture. This effort to assimilate blacks into white-established culture has , alas, been largely unsuccessful. Black crime still runs rampant in this country, despite the heroic efforts of the-now enlightened former white oppressors to eradicated it via the enactment of various civil rights laws that, in essence, favor the rights of minority Americans over those of the descendants of the original founding white European stock that shed much blood, sweat and tears...and even suffered educate them in the ways of civilization. Columbus, Georgia resident, Dianne Oleavnick, recently discovered this immutable fact a few nights ago when she was forced to use a firearm to repel black burglars and home-invaders who sought to steal her property. The black thugs fled upon being confronted by Oleavnick, a white female who brandished a firearm to chase the thugs away. That the black would-be robbers fled when confronted by a white female mother brandishing an effective weapon is no surprise...incidents such as this happen every day and night in this naïve nation that champions diversity. What is surprising in these times of minority-loving political correctness is the all-too-common fact that Oleavnick was not the one to be arrested. In today's politically correct, anti-gun social environment, the police and their higher minions of the American "justice" system usually arrest the victim of a crime, not the murderous perpetrators. The world of logic and reason turned upside-down...

  5. The gods must have been smiling upon Columbus resident Dianne Oleavnick when, a few night ago, she was the victim of a burglary by black thugs who sought to steal her household belongings The thugs, having burglarized her home one night and absconded with her car keys...returned the next night to steal her almost new Jeep Wrangler. Oleavnick heard a noise outside her house on the second night and went outside to investigate. She caught the thieves in the act, and, semi-automatic pistol in hand, chased the would-be thieves from her property, saving her vehicle. Oleavnick was lucky in two ways: First, she saved her vehicle without injury...without being killed by the robbers and, secondly, she was not arrested or killed by the Columbus police officers who responded to her call for help. The itchy-fingered, trigger-happy cops who prowl the seedy streets of Columbus like voracious sharks seeking easy prey usually travel the path of least is much easier and safer for them to attack the weak victim of a crime rather than to confront armed, seasoned criminals. The minions of the Columbus Police Department are especially afraid of approaching black criminals, so they will instead turn their attention to the white victim of a crime, despite the fact that he or she is the victim, not the perpetrator. Columbus, Ga. is a politically correct town whose power elite strive desperately to avoid being perceived as racist, even though the vast majority of the crimes that imperil the lives of innocent citizens here are committed by criminal blacks. Again, though, Columbus law enforcement prefers to harass and intimidate law-abiding whites rather than to confront law-breaking blacks, however heinous their crimes. The Columbus District Attorney's office, headed by D.A. Julia Ann Fessenden Slater and assisted by Asst. D.A.s Michael Craig and Don "DUI" loath to prosecute black criminals, whatever their crimes. But then, these craven "Officers of the Court" know that, should they prosecute a black criminal, they will face the wrath of the local...and perhaps state...chapters of the NAACP. This is one reason why black crime runs rampant in the abjectly corrupt People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia. The corruption of Columbus's "justice" system is exceeded only by that of the Phenix City, Ala. "legal" system. The poor and non-politically connected citizens of these morally debased towns reside there at their own peril, for they will surely fall prey to the sharp, all-devouring teeth of the voracious sharks in legal attire that prowl the foul highways and byways of these wicked hovel-towns...