Tuesday, August 12, 2014

9 Facts about slavery they don't want you to know

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  1. The above nine facts regarding black slavery say all that needs to be said about this increasingly tiresome issue. Yes, this issue is becoming increasingly tiresome to more and more modern-day whites who, of course, never had anything to do with black slavery or, in fact, slavery of any kind or of any race of people. To the ignorant blacks who continue to exploit this now non-issue to inculcate an undeserved guilt complex in modern-day whites: get over this long dead issue, and get over your own inferiority complex. If you're a sorry failure in life it's no one's fault but your own. Put down your blunt, divest yourselves of your crack pipes, roll up your sleeves and get to work to make something of yourselves. Blaming whitey for your problems and failures doesn't cut the chittlins anymore, because the white man emancipated you in the late 1800s, long before the daddy you don't know got yo' mamma drunk and took advantage of her. By the way, it was your fellow blacks who sold you to the white...and Jewish...slave traders. Need it also be mentioned that a simple study of the history of black slavery reveals the fact that....bongo drum roll, please...some of the first owners of black slaves were themselves black. One more point, lest I forget: Black slavery still, unfortunately, exists in this fallen world....in Africa. Got it? Understand? So shut the hell up and be a part of American society...or, if you choose to do so...get the hell out of America and return to your beloved but wretched Mother Africa, a disease and poverty ridden continent from which no good thing every came. This writer, along with countless other whites who as yet dare not speak their minds... would be content with whichever of these options you choose, for, candid truth be known....The white race can get along quite well without you and, to speak even more frankly...would be immensely BETTER OFF without you!! So make up your feeble minds: Either be productive members of American society or put down your whitey-invented cell phones, park your whitey-invented fancy cars, turn off your whitey-invented air conditioners....and take the next flight on a whitey-invented jet back to Africa...and take your ebonics-speaking white whore girlfriend with you. Bye...and don't let your whitey-made basketball shoes ( sorry, the game of basketball was conceived by whitey, too )...rub your feet raw as you trudge the deserts, mosquito-infested jungles and litter-lined streets ( whitey provided the streets, your fellow blacks the litter ) of your beloved Mother Africa. Bye, again...and try not to contract the Ebola virus...