Saturday, July 26, 2014

White man killed in random racial hate crime in Stuttgart,Arkansas


Hate Crime MurderWhite man killed in random racial hate crime in Stuttgart, Arkansas

Twenty year old Daniel Ruffin was walking his dog in Stuttgart. He passed a group of black males and one of those males decided that it would be really fun to murder a white person. He shot Ruffin, who died of his wound shortly after.
The gunman and his accomplices didn’t steal anything. Ruffin was killed purely for the thrill of it.
The gunman was arrested and charged. Two of the accomplices were allegedly arrested and quietly set free without charges. The police chief is black and local residents claim one of the accomplices is his own son.
Family and friends of Dabiel Ruffin took to social media to cry foul.
A source close to the investigation says the son of Stuttgart Police Chief Michael Smith was one of the people there when Daniel Ruffin was shot, but that he is being questioned as a witness not a suspect in the case.

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  1. Tragedies repeated too often are no longer tragedies but, rather, common occurrences that are no longer tragedies, much less headline news. The random and thus senseless murders of whites by murderous black "gangsta" thugs falls into this dire category. Black-on-white crime...assault, robbery, rape and murder...has become so common in America and in Western Europe that these crimes, if they are reported at all...are featured on page D-28 of the newspaper, next to the used car ads. The senseless snuffing out of a young white by predatory young black males is no longer considered to be news. This is a studied, deliberate dynamic set forth by the foul race of Satan that owns and thus controls the organs of mass information dissemination, i.e., the "mainstream" news media. This media, though, does not disseminate true information but, rather, false information, i.e., disinformation. The foul race of Satan that publishes this biased "information" is, of course...the Jewish race. Since ancient biblical times the Hebrews, then the Israelites, then the Jews...have labored tirelessly to dominate the other races of humanity, i.e., the gentiles, especially the white gentiles. The various ethnicities that comprise the white race are of particular interest to the Jewish race that considers itself to be the Master Race...the Chosen People of God Himself. And the Jews scream the loudest about the evils of racism. But then, the guilty dog barks the loudest. The Jewish race is, in fact, the world's most racist race. Ignorant whites in America...and the ignorant whites in Western Europe...must educate themselves about the facts of the Jews' ancient quest for world domination, a world in which gentiles will be their slaves. This information can be found in one of the Jews' most "holy" books, the Babylonian Talmud. The Jews ( with some notable exceptions ), hate all the gentile races, i.e., the goyim, "filthy cattle." The senseless murder of this innocent 20-year-old white male in Arkansas is indeed a tragedy, to be sure. But this, too, is a part of the agenda of the Jewish Marxist mega-media machine that they control in this country and in Western Europe. The black races of the world have no viable media of their own, thus they rely on the "news" and suggestions promulgated by the gentile-hating Jewish media. And an innocent young white man is dead because of this...