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The Torah Deception:Jews Don't Follow the Old Testament

The Torah Deception: Jews Don’t Follow the Old Testament

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2014
The Torah Shebichtav – The Pentateuch, is clearly not meant to be studied. It stays sitting on a table in the synagogue, to fool gullible gentiles into believing that the Jews follow it’s laws.
An extremely common deception that a lot of people are under, is that today’s Jews are followers of the Christian Old Testament. However nothing could be further from the truth. The Jews follow the Talmud, which is the nullification of everything that is the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. They get away with this deception because they call both the Pentateuch of the Christian Old Testament and the Talmud, ‘The Torah.’ So, when they say that their holy book is the Torah and that they follow the Torah, unsuspecting non-Jews assume that they mean the Christian Old Testament.
Johann Andreas Eisenmenger wrote extensively about the customs of the Jews and the wild ideas of the Talmud in the 18th century. His book ‘The Traditions of the Jews’ was quickly banned when first published, yet has remained known and used ever since as an authoritative source for Jewish scholars themselves, who often cite his work.
He had this to say about the relationship between the Jewish adult male and the Christian Old Testament:
‘At fifteen years of age, he enters on the study of the Gemara, which is a sort of supplement to the Talmud, containing disputations and decisions on the Talmudic text and for the most part, the remaining studies of his life are employed on this work only. Very rarely do the Jews turn over the Prophets and much more rare is it to find a Jew who studies, or has any tolerable knowledge of them. There are many of them who look not once into a prophetical book in the whole course of their lives.’
The Torah Shebe’al Peh – The Talmud, is clearly in a form that is meant to be as easy to use for the Jew as possible. These books are what the Jew really refers to when he says he follows ‘the Torah.’
Bearing this in mind, criticising the Jews by using passages from the Old Testament and claiming them to be the doctrine of the Jews, is about as accurate as citing passages from the Vedas to describe the teachings of the Muslims. Far worse behavior is described and encouraged in the Talmud for the Jews than was ever carried out by the Israelites of the Old Testament.
By being inaccurate and using the Old Testament as a source for Jewish doctrine, we are actually helping the Jews to maintain their deception of being followers of Mosaic law, rather than the followers of a Satanic supremacist doctrine that claims all Non-Jews were created to be their slaves.
Its the Talmud that permits Jews to take body parts from Non-Jews, not the Old Testament.

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