Monday, July 14, 2014

The Terrible Price Palestinian children are paying for Israel's war

The terrible price Palestinian children are paying for Israel’s war

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery – “They come every two years and kill more, they want to exterminate the Palestinians and the world just lets them do that. No one is helping us.” This was what a Palestinian told a foreign reporter after her house had been destroyed by an Israeli missile.
But of course, it is not that the world just let’s Israel do it. The world helps Israel do it. They provide weapons and money and diplomatic cover and criminal immunity. Why? Because Jewish supremacists have gained such power and influence in most of the world’s countries that few are willing to speak the truth, let alone help the Palestinians.
This is something we can change by speaking up as individuals, or at least assisting those who do speak up. Each person who speaks out honestly clears the way for more to follow. Jewish supremacist power is as much an illusion as the Emperors clothes, and it will disintegrate before a tidal wave of truth. –ps

Gaza-Israel conflict: The terrible price Palestinian children are paying for Israel’s war with Hamas

70 per cent of the 700 injured are women or children, say Palestinian medical authorities
by KIM SENGUPTA  (The Independent) Friday, July 11, 2014
(GAZA) “She was the centre of our life, she was the most precious thing in the world to us, we had waited so long for her. Now we don’t know whether she will wake up again; we don’t know what has happened to her.” Alla al-Masri buried his head in his hands – no longer could he bear to watch his nine-year-old daughter lying on the hospital bed, suffering.
He and his wife, Hanan, had craved a baby and Mariam came after years of IVF treatment. An only child, she was the apple of her grandparents’ eyes and they had been constantly cautioning her that she should not stray far from home in these dangerous times.
“Our little girl was playing in our garden when it happened. The Israelis bombed a house across the street: the blast came straight through our house – then I saw my daughter lying in blood,” said Mr Masri. “She was injured badly in the head, so we fear very much.”

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