Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Fix is In

by Charles Fuller
via Free Edgar Steele
EVIDENCE THAT COULD HAVE exonerated Ed Steele was withheld from the jury by the judge. In a pre-trial hearing on the admissibility of evidence, two audio experts testified that the FBI recordings contained numerous audio signatures (aberrations) that strongly indicated the recordings might have been tampered with. One expert, Bennett Walsh, a former New York City detective with years of experience with audio recordings, said flatly the recordings were tampered with.
The other expert, George Papcun, PhD (pictured), an internationally known expert with solid scientific credentials, said there was an unusually high number of electronic transients and other discrepancies which could indicate tampering with the recordings. His reputation is bolstered by his knowledge of “voice morphing,” a technology that allows the creation of synthetic speech from digital “voice prints” of the person whose speech they seek to duplicate. It allows the “cloning” of a person’s voice, and the ability to have the subject “say” whatever the counterfeiters wish.
According to Robert McAllister, counsel for the defense, arrangements were made to fly Dr. Papcun by private aircraft from a vacation in the south Pacific to Boise to testify on May 4, the last day of the trial. According to McAllister it was possible for him to arrive at the courthouse by 9:00 AM.
However, McAllister reported that the judge ruled that Dr. Papcun would only be allowed to testify if he was in the court room by 8:30 AM. This information can be verified by McAllister.
Ed Steele was denied his right to call witnesses critical to his defense. Is this a demonstration of a “fair trial,” or is it a lynching? The answer should be obvious to any thinking person.


  1. Kudos to the American Free Press for its article regarding the travails of free speech warrior extraordinaire, Olaf Childress ( AFP, July 14-21, Vol. XIV ). Childress is the publisher of the Silver Hill, Ala.-based monthly, The First Freedom, an alternative news publication that, like the AFP, dares to disseminate news that the Jewish controlled "mainstream" media routinely suppresses. On Feb.19, 2011, Childress was physically assaulted, then arrested, by no less than eight jack-booted thugs of the Montgomery, Ala. police department while he, his daughter and a friend were distributing TFF reading material to the public. Childress was attending the Montgomery rally sponsored, ironically, by the Alabama chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. After being roughed-up by the government goons, Childress was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct because his "mere presence at the parade created a disturbance." Childress was released from jail after being fined $500 and after spending hours clad only in his underwear "in a cold, wet cell." Childress subsequently sued the arresting officers in Montgomery Circuit Court and, with the aid of two excellent attorneys, recently won the civil suit. Although he was awarded no monetary punitive damages, Childress's court victory nonetheless sent an important message to the malicious minions of the corrupt Jewish legal power structure: America is still, at least for now, a free and open society, and those who violate this tenet will be held accountable. Congratulation, Mr. Childress, and kudos again to the American Free Press!!

  2. Situations such as now beguiles former attorney Edgar Steele are becoming increasingly common in the Orwellian state into which America, once the bastion of freedom in an unfree world, has devolved because of Jewish media and political influence. The Jewish power structure that now prevails in the erstwhile "Land of the Free" hates freedom of speech and of thought, and thus strives to eradicate these once cherished values that define a free society. This makes sense when one considers the historical fact that every would-be dictatorship throughout history has placed the suppression of free speech at the very top of its agenda to enslave humanity. This, and the seizing of the weaponry of the citizenry. After all, an armed and vocal citizenry are the deadly enemies of government despotism. The case of Edgar Steele, falsely accused of plotting to murder his wife, but one example of the Jewish power structure's war on dissidents who dare to speak out against the Zionist globalists whose ancient goal is to enslave the rest of Mankind...