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NARRG'S Suggestion For Gliebe's "New Direction" : Just Go Away!

NARRG’s Suggestion For Gliebe’s “New Direction”: Just Go Away!

A commentary by NARRG’s Legal Liaison: Brian Wilson, and other NARRG Supporters

PART 1: NARRG’s Lawsuit against Gliebe

Lack Of Direction
For 6 months now, current Chairman of the National Alliance- Erich Gliebe has publically put on a media persona of ignorance that a lawsuit is underway against both himself and the rest of his NA Board of Directors. He refuses to publically address any of the many reasons listed in the lawsuit including possible wrong-doing, ineptness, carelessness & willful neglect.

Initially there were media attacks (web, email, etc.) against at least 3 of the NARRG team members using surrogate 3rd party persons. But the fact is there were posted certain confidential information that only he could have known, and that the 3rd party surrogates would not have known, unless they were told by someone such as himself.
Now that this tactic did not work and did not get his desired result of one or more NARRG team members abandoning the ship, he currently has resorted to continued silence except where occasionally one of his hot buttons is touched (such as the recent NARRG article about his personal finances and two or more lengthy reader commentaries about it). After waiting 2 months of having no postings on his infrequent web blog, he suddenly decides last week to bring up his “new direction” again, and rehash old material going back to his initial announcement last fall.
These infrequent comments on his web blog vainly try to allude to purported characters on NARRG and/or their supporters, e.g., the SPLC stereotype of a middle aged male either childless and/or never married. On the other hand, he presents himself as the perfect example of a wholesome complete family like something out of the 1960′s “Leave It To Beaver” family comedy TV program. Enough has been said about his past and current family member(s) that there is no need to repeat them here. One only has to Google “Erich Gliebe divorces wife” to get the general picture.
His web blog never mentions any lawsuit. One can only hypothesize that he purposely publically avoids any mention of any lawsuit against himself and/or the NA in the hopes that his few remaining supporters are ignorant of the NARRG civil lawsuit against him and the two other NA board members. His rationale possibly would be that if they knew of the lawsuit they might bolt from the NA and stop sending him money.
With NARRG’s vigorous presence on both cyber media (web, social media), and published media (both friendly e.g. American Free Press, and unfriendly sites), by now word would have gotten out. Most people who would want to know anything about the NA would have by now either found out by themselves, or one of their associates would have told them so by now. Thus it remains to be seen whether Gliebe will continue to put up the public facade of acting like there is no lawsuit going on.
As the lawsuit continues on (thru the discovery phase, subpoenas and the like), in preparation for the civil trial in court, NARRG will continue to be relentless in the pursuit of truth as to how Gliebe mismanaged NA financial affairs, whether through subpoenas, direct testimony in court, or other legal mechanisms.
Please note that NARRG’s lawsuit involves confidential material covered by attorney client privilege, thus we cannot go in depth with details of NARRG’s case. But, for those unfamiliar with civil lawsuits, and for those interested in further details, one may possible Google “Civil Lawsuit” or other such key words and thus become more educated on the issue.

PART 2: Gliebe’s Phony “New Direction”

On another subject matter, as a quick rebuttal to Gliebe’s latest web blog defending his new direction, let me just state just a few facts that in the past have been brought to my attention by various NARRG supporters:
1. One of the NARRG team members (Robert Ransdell), in the past has asked Gliebe several times to stop using his name when Gliebe posts on Gliebe’s own weblog (Note: Ransdell used to run that web site but resigned from it over a year ago, and has not posted anything on it since). He gave over to Gliebe his log in name and password, but did not intend for Gliebe to post under Ransdell’s name. Most recently, Ransdell sent by US mail another written request in writing to Gliebe requesting him to again stop using his name. It appears Gliebe has received that mailed letter because, as always, he uses surrogates to do his dirty work for him, having someone else call Robert Ransdell and tell him that his name will be taken off the site. Evidently that has still not happened, as Gliebe posted his most recent article defending his new direction still using Ransdell’s name.
2. It is all a fake, “smoke & mirrors” to close down the Alliance and make off with the money. He has been an utter failure in his job as chairman and his talk of “new direction” is just more of the same talk & no walk that he’s been doing for years.
3. If Gliebe was serious about this new direction, something, some activity, would have been done by now, but it is the same old, same old, of talking about what should be done, without actually doing anything, The saying goes “talk is cheap”, and for Gliebe, cheap is all that he wants to spend on his so called new direction.
4. Some say he would rather retire at age 50 and live on a beach somewhere. If that is the case, then how does he propose to get this new direction off the doldrums, if in fact he has no real intention on actually doing anything except retiring early and let others do the work, while he lives a future life of ease and comfort at the expense of former members and current supporters?
5. So, Gliebe wants to get his message out. How does he expect to reach a broader audience beyond his three dozen or so supports that get his newsletter bulletin only every few months or so? His web blog is infrequently updated, before last weekend’s posting in July, the previous one was in May (the next previous in March). Having a marginal website that post commentary on social issues only every month or two is not going to get the millions or so European oriented family members interested in either his organization, or any event he may frequently post? If he was serious about it, he would run a modern interesting website to catch people’s attention. But, this would entail time and money, something that apparently he does not want to spend on, nor evidently any one of his so-called “supporters”.
6. The country has plenty of cultural festivals already. It’s when you connect the culture & the race together that it becomes a rub to the system. Erich Gliebe though does not propose to do this. If he’s just a culture club, well we already have plenty. Is Gliebe’s “new direction” a publishers clearing house for all European-American cultural festivals in America? If so, why bother with him, we can just as easily look them up by ourselves!
7. Why would someone bother to go to the NA to find out about European cultural events when they are published elsewhere? Would someone be so spendthrift as to pay money to support Gliebe when they can get the same information for free and the latest up to date information by just Googling with key search words like for example “Cleveland European cultural events 2014″. Low and behold, just like magic, numerous hits for all types of European ethnic communities pops up. One even announced the title “Fourth Annual European Festival” held in greater Cleveland.
8. While he’s now proposing more Euro-Fests, let it be known that the Alliance once did hold them in various cities in the past. It should be noted that the Cleveland Unit has not put on any European festivals since the late 1990′s. Why hasn’t he done any of them in the last 15 or 20 years since, either in Cleveland or some other city close by? It should also be noted that since then, other NA Units (chapters) in St. Louis, Sacramento, Phoenix, have been able to hold them on their own (without Gliebe’s help) after that time period, but Erich can’t, won’t, and/or refuses!
9. In a word, any pro-European American event that allows Erich Gliebe to participate automatically opens itself up as a target for the mainstream media. If Gliebe wants to “remove the target from our backs,” then he should step down as chairman of his “New Direction,” because his very presence at any pro-European American event is a tempting target of the left-wing mainstream media. The bottom line is this. Gliebe’s own arguments can be used to demand that Gliebe step down as chairman and give up control of the National Alliance.

PART 3: Concluding Remarks

One could go on with more reasons and examples. But, enough has been said here to get the point. The point for Gliebe and his supporters is, after 1.5 years of preaching that the new direction is to promote and (perhaps even run a cultural event), not a single cultural event sponsored by the NA has been held, not even one in Gliebe’s own living room for his few dozen so called supporters.
As he has apparently abandoned the Alliance and Dr. Pierce and our mission in every way, indeed, it should be him who should get out voluntarily and start his culture club. But not with Alliance resources. That belongs to the members who keep the mission in mind and want to promote Dr. Pierce’s message.
  1. As you know in old Gliebstein’s latest rag on his NA web blog, Erich Gliebe presents his defense of his “New Direction.” I would like to point out how the very arguments that he employs can be used to demand that Gliebe step down as Chairman and give up control of the National Alliance. Herewith.
    Gliebe writes: “Attempting to use the National Alliance name in public immediately puts a target on us.”
    At the end, Gliebe concludes: “With our New Direction we will promote cultural events and activities and provide the healthy outlet for our youth that all healthy families are looking for. And by focusing on our families and not obsessing about other races, we will be removing the target from our backs.”
    This writer (Edward Rackson) responds. But as long as Erich Gliebe is the “leader” of this “New Direction,” the National Alliance will continue to be a negative target. As you know, Erich Gliebe is someone who is widely described by groups like the ADL, SPLC, and Wikipedia as a “neo-Nazi,” “White Supremacist”, and “anti-Semite.” Indeed, the name of Erich Gliebe is inextricably linked to the former National Alliance of Dr. William Luther Pierce, described by the ADL and SPLC as “the most dangerous neo-Nazi in the USA.”
    Whenever Gleibe attempts to publicly promote a European cultural event or a healthy family event–and the mainstream media, the ADL and SPLC find out that Gleibe is promoting it or is associated with it in any way–these groups will mount a huge propaganda attack, which will discourage people from attending it. Thus, Gliebe himself is a “target on the back” of the “New Direction” that will ultimately destroy it.
    My whole point being is this. If Gliebe really wants to move in this “New Direction,” he should step down as chairman and give up control of the National Alliance and let someone else take command that does not have all of his negative baggage. In this way, the “New Direction” will be removing a big target on their backs.
    Of course, I think we both know that old Gliebstein will not voluntarily step down, because his underlying agenda is to retain control of the National Alliance until it implodes for good. When this happens, he can walk away with the remaining monetary assets and enjoy a comfortable retirement.



  1. National Alliance "Chairman" Erich Gliebe has been nothing more than a fake, a fraud, a phony ever since he took control of this once powerful and respected white-rights group in the wake of the passing of the group's founder, Dr. William L. Pierce, in July, 2002. Gliebe is not a white rights activist at all but, rather, merely a cynical money and prestige-grubbing opportunist, as well as a foul traitor to his race. Gliebe has been suffering numerous problems in recent years...lawsuits, divorce from his stripper wife, public calumny, etc. May this foul specimen of sub-humanity descend to his deserved place...the black pit and fiery furnaces of hell...

  2. Erich Gliebe, the foul, sub-human, venal traitor to his likely on the payroll of the Southern "Poverty" Law Center and the racist Jewish Anti-Defamation League, the gentile-hating organization founded in 1913 in the wake of the proper lynching of the murderous Jew, Leo Frank. One must question the legitimacy of an organization whose origin is based on the vile crimes of a murderer and rapist...