Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy:As Africans Beg to Flee Racist Israel,ADL Demands Open Borders for America

Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy: As Africans Beg to Flee Racist Israel, ADL Demands Open Borders for America

The dramatic attempt by over a thousand Africans being held prisoner by the Zionist regime in Israel to flee across the border into Egypt rather than face continued Jewish racism, has once again highlighted the incredible hypocrisy of the Israel-supporting Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has demanded an “open border” policy for America.
The Africans, all being held at the Holot detention center in southern Israel, have announced that the racism and hatred which they encounter from the Israeli state and public is so bad that they would prefer to be sent back “to be shot” or at the very least sent to another country.
According to a report in the Times of Israel, the Africans who tried to flee Israel were arrested and thrown into the Saharonim prison, which is located next to Holot.
If such a thing should happen in America, or any other country in the world, the ADL and other Jewish Supremacist organizations would be the first to start screaming “racism” and “oppression” and be calling for their release.
However, because this is Israel, the ADL and the other Jewish Supremaicst gangs which claim to be “civil rights” organizations are completely silent and continue to support their country no matter what.
The Times of Israel article also revealed some of the conditions under which the Africans are detained in Israel—once again, if the American government dared to implement even one of these measures to stop illegal immigration, the ADL and their fellow extortionists would be the first to complain.
According to the Times of Israel, the Zionist state will only send Africans back to “their home countries—where they would face repressive regimes—or to one of a few third-party countries whose identity Israel has declined to publicize.”
These “third-party countries include Sweden and Uganda, it was revealed elsewhere.
The Times of Israel goes on to describe the conditions under which the Africans are kept at Holot:
Freedom of movement is restricted as they [the Africans] must stand for roll call three times daily. The detainees have no release date. Failure to show for roll call, or refusal to answer the summons to Holot, are punishable with prison time.
“It was horrible to be in Holot and to be in prison,” said Philemon Rezene, 26, an Eritrean chosen to represent the protesters at a Tel Aviv news conference Sunday. “They had a very miserable life. There was a shortage of food, a shortage of sanitation, a shortage of medical care. They were always under strict control. They wanted at least to be free in an open area.”
But Israel says they are economic migrants seeking a higher standard of living, and it fenced off its border with Egypt in 2012 to prevent future migrants from entering. Anyone who crosses Israel’s border illegally now faces a year in prison.
The ADL fully supports Israel. On the ADL website, there is even a special sectiondevoted to explaining to American Jews how to become involved in supporting the Zionist state, with “fact sheets” and advice on how to argue the case. The ADL even organizes trips to Israel for supporters.
Most telling, however, is the fact that the ADL has formally demanded of the US Congress that it implements immigration policies which are the exact opposite of those it supports in Israel.
According to the ADL website, it submitted a memorandum to Congress in 2013 which proposed “needed reform of America’s immigration system.”
According to the ADL, it “welcomes Administration and bipartisan Congressional support for reform that includes earned legalization with a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants already living in the United States,” and then incredibly, demands that the US  adopt policies which “support a pathway to earned citizenship for their neighbors who want nothing more than to come out of the shadows, to contribute to society, and to follow the rules without fear of deportation and separation from their loved ones.”
Just like Africans are treated in the ADL’s beloved Israel, one presumes?
The Jewish Supremacist strategy is clear and open: it is to destroy the peace, harmony and fabric of all other nations, while strictly implementing rules which are designed to violently keep Israel Jewish.
It is the old tactic of divide-and-conquer.
* Even the deportations to Sweden from Israel have a familiar echo to them. Watch the video below where Dr. David Duke shows how Jewish Supremacists in that country promote “multi-culturalism” for that nation, while in Israel they make sure that Israel as a racially-exclusive mono-cultural society.


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  2. Jewish individuals and organizations constantly scream that white America must be more racially inclusive, must open its purportedly "sovereign" borders to every diseased and violent criminal who seeks to invade America, and white European Europe. At the same time, though, the "state" of Israel is violently kicking out immigrants from Africa. Will THIS post survive the Jewish monitors of this Jew-run site??