Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jewess Comedian Joan Rivers Says Obama is Gay and Michelle is a Tranny

Jewess Comedian Joan Rivers Says Barack Obama is Gay and Michelle Obama a Tranny

Daily Slave
July 5, 2014
Joan Rivers is a Jewess comedian whose face looks like it is made of wax.
The idea that Barack Obama is a homosexual and Michelle Obama is some sort of weird transgender freak has gained an increasing amount of momentum over the past few years.  Although we don’t have 100% proof that either is the case, both are certainly possible.
The fact that this weird Jewess comedian Joan Rivers made a comment about this is very strange.  After all, this is a woman who looks like she’s had a couple hundred too many plastic surgeries.  The media will undoubtedly use her comments to discredit the idea that we may have a faggot in the White House.
Joan Rivers, no stranger to controversy, told a reporter this week that President Barack Obama is gay and that his wife, First Lady Michelle, is “a transgender.”
Rivers was asked by a reporter on the street about her Monday appearance at a bookstore in New York City, where she officiated an impromptu gay wedding between two of her fans.
The reporter then asked her whether the U.S. will ever see a gay president, to which the 81-year-old Rivers responded, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.”

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  1. Is U.S. President Barack H. Obama perhaps a homosexual? Is First Lady Michelle Obama a transvestite...a "tranny," as described by Jewess comedienne, Joan Rivers, the ever-aging woman who apparently is unable to age gracefully? Who knows, for these times are strange times indeed. Almost ANYTHING is possible now. Having harkened upon the not-very-attractive visage of the most overtly female of the two marriage partners, it would not be surprising if Michelle is, in fact a transsexual. She DOES look the part, with her masculine chin and arms that would be the envy of an NFL linebacker. Only Barry's sissy workout coach knows for sure about the president...and only Michelle's several girlfriends know for sure about her sexual proclivities...