Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grosse Point,MI.may cancel fireworks due to re-occurring black violence

CrimeGrosse Point, MI may cancel fireworks due to re-occurring black violence

Grosse Point has fewer that 5,500 people and is over 90% white. However, the town has been jolted after young black males and females descended on their fireworks display and engaged in widespread fighting.
Carloads of young blacks from Detroit came to the event in large numbers. As the fireworks ended, seventy police officers could not prevent them from engaging in violence.
This year could be the last for Grosse Pointe Woods’ annual fireworks show.
Billed as family-friendly event, Sunday’s big show of pyrotechnics turned into a fight fest among teens that has prompted the city’s mayor to say the 32-year tradition should end.
“I just don’t think we’re going to be able to continue them, at least not at that location,” said Mayor Robert Novitke.
Next year’s fireworks can be canceled only by a vote of the City Council, perhaps at its next meeting on July 14, city officials said.
The site of Sunday’s fireworks — on the grounds of Parcells Middle School on Mack Avenue near Vernier — was jammed with the biggest crowd anyone could recall, Novitke said Thursday. Although no fights broke out at the actual event, young people in the crowd became unruly, and after the fireworks’ finale, more than a dozen fights broke out among them as they walked in groups to their cars, the mayor said.
Police made no arrests for fighting, but did arrest two youths at a gas station on Mack at Vernier for disorderly conduct, city officials said. Police also made an arrest in a purse snatching, although that seemed unrelated to the fireworks event and occurred between acquaintances, city officials said.
Moving the event to the city’s Lake Front Park might avoid future rowdiness by limiting the crowd size and keeping nonresidents from attending, but that would destroy the community feeling because residents could no longer watch from backyards and businesses, the mayor said. Lake Front Park is in St. Clair Shores, on East Jefferson near 9 Mile Road.
Despite the possibility that she could lose a nearly perfect viewing location from her front yard at Renaud and Holiday, Rita Smythe said the Woods might need to move the fireworks to Lake Front Park.
“At least we can police our own,” she said. “They could control it.”
Smythe, 64, said she was saddened that fighting broke out this year.
“Thirteen fights. One is more than they need. Who does that?” she said. “I really don’t care if these kids are black or white. It doesn’t matter. They’re punks. … Whoever did it, they’re punks.”


  1. Nothing new in this article...savages behaving as savages. It is interesting that there were few arrests by police during this incident. Perhaps this is because police, badges not withstanding, are mere human beings like the civilian population. As human beings, they will seek the path of least resistance...the path that poses the least danger to them. One can be sure that if the miscreants described in this article had been white, the police would have acted with much more vigor. Whites, after all, are in general much less violent than blacks. American police in these times are cowed by the influence of Jewish media political correctness, in which case they will think thrice before arresting a black criminal for anything. An innocent white, though, is easy and fair game. American police are pussies with badges toward blacks, bullies with badges toward whites. Punks...

  2. Spent first 23 years living in "Black Ghetto of Detroit". 12th St at Burlingame due to economic necessity. Would not live there otherwise. To avoid problems as a white you maintained a low profile an invisible one and avoided certain areas that were off-limits to whites which was most of urban Detroit. My brothers generation, five years older than me were active "Nigga Stompers", frequenting 8 mile and Wyoming with tire-irons, chains,baseball-bats and hockey sticks to kick black-ass. Animosity always existed and Negroes had a deserved reputation of being dangerous. Jews own and control media. All of it and spin their deluded perception of society ever wearing the "Holocaust Badge" using it to whip those unsympathetic to their cause which is amassing wealth, comforting their 'Black Brothers"and isolating the Gentile from success. Detroit is "Garbage Can" destroyed by "Black Share Croppers" who migrated to MI for jobs in auto-industry but lacked wherewithal skills of civility and humanness. Detroit,the former "Renaissance City" was destroyed by the negro.