Saturday, July 19, 2014

France:New Law Gives a Year in Prison for Anyone Who Protests the Jews

France: New Law Gives a Year in Prison for Anyone Who Protests the Jews

Daily Stormer
July 19, 2014
A typical French anti-Jew demonstration
A typical French anti-Jew demonstration
In freedom-loving France, a great and powerful democracy of tolerance, it is now illegal to protest the Jews and their mass-slaughter of Palestinian babies.
These protests are largely put-on by Muslims, millions of whom France brought into their country to live on welfare as part of a Jew-run program of cultural destabilization.
After having brought in these millions, however, the Jews are having difficulty regulating their behavior, as besides engaging in rape and other criminality, they mostly just want to kill Jews.
They have rioted in France multiple times and attacked Jews.  They also firebombed a synagogue.
In what is viewed as an outrageous attack on democracy, Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.
Mr Cazeneuve said there was a ‘threat to public order’, while opponents said he was ‘criminalising’ popular support of the Palestinian people.
Thousands were set to march against the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, calling for an immediate end to hostilities in which civilians including many children have been killed.
But Mr Cazeneuve fears there might be a repeat of the fights between ‘ultra’ Jewish vigilantes and pro-Palestinians which happened after a demonstration last Sunday.
Referring to the main Paris march, Mr Cazeneuve said: ‘I consider that the conditions are not right to guarantee security.’
He welcomed a legal procedure instigated by the Paris police prefecture to ban the march, despite it already being widely advertised.
Anyone who turns up to an illegal demonstration now faces up to a year in prison, and a 15,000 euro fine.
If they hide their faces to avoid being identified, this sentence can be increased to three years, and a 45,000 fine.
Even those who publish details of an illegal rally on social media face up to a year in prison, and a 15,000 euro fine.
This can be increased to seven years and a 100,000 fine if the postings lead to violence.
Mr Cazeneuve also advised other prefects across France to examine planned marches on a ‘case by case’ basis, and to ban ‘if appropriate’.
So, there’s your freedom. Democracy is great, until you do something to upset the Jews. Multiculturalism is great, as long as the immigrants stick to leeching off the public and committing acts of violence against Whites and don’t upset the Jews.
The whole thing is a complete farce. “Democracy” is a codeword for “rule by Jews.”

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