Friday, June 13, 2014

Whites to be a Minority in America by August of 2014

Whites to be a Minority in America by August of This Year?

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
June 12, 2014

Why didn't you listen?
Why didn’t you listen?
More than half of the babies born today in the US are non-White, but most predictions claim that the United States will become majority non-White in about 30 years.
However, a new prediction by the group Ethnifacts claims that White people will become the minority a lot sooner – on August 22, 2014 at 7:56 PM.
Ethnicfacts‘ prediction is different because it takes into account intermarriage, adoption, and other factors, rather than just looking at birth rates of particular groups.
The U.S. is at a point of transformative demographic change and it’s clear that census projections only tell part of the story,” said EthniFacts CEO Mike Lakusta. “Factoring in intermarriage and the steep growth of multiracial and interethnic households, along with the growing percentage of non-Hispanic whites who are related to and/or cohabitate with people of other races and ethnicities, in addition to close proximity neighborhoods, is a much more accurate way to measure the true breadth and depth of the nation’s economic, cultural and social shift.
The group is clearly excited, because their website has a clock counting down until White people become a minority, next to a picture of people giving the “thumbs up” gesture.
The future of America is a lot closer and clearer,” said Guy Garcia, President of New Mainstream Initiatives for EthniFacts. “Maria Hinojosa and Latino USA are the perfect partners to help us spread the word about America Reimagined, not just because of the historic nature of what the CulturEdge Countdown Clock says about the rising influence and empowerment of Latinos and other multicultural groups, but also because of our shared perspective that the numbers count, and that accelerating demographic and cultural change in this country brings challenges and opportunities for all Americans. The time has come for us to re-imagine who we are as a nation and how we can move forward together.
We are at an unprecedented historical moment. It’s absolutely critical that people no longer deny or avoid the reality that they probably already see in their lives. They see it by looking down the street, they see it at the office, on TV, in advertising. Anyone who says they are oblivious or don’t see signs of a multicultural America must be in some sort of sensory deprivation tank” he said.
Is it just some huge coincidence that all these White countries across the planet are predicted to become minority White within this century?
This is not because we are not having children, or some other silly excuse. It is primarily because we have opened borders, and forced “diversity” which encourages people to mix.
Both of these policies are forced on most White countries today, and we are becoming a minority because of them.
There is no argument from the anti-Whites on this – they agree that these policies are turning us into a minority, they just disagree that this was the purpose of these policies, and they also disagree that we should remove these policies.
By leaving them in place despite mass public disapproval, they ensure that we become a minority, which as it happens, is a form of genocide.
It is breaking section (C) of article 2 of the United Nations Genocide Conventions: “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”.
“Diversity” is nothing more than a codeword for White Genocide, and “anti-racist” is nothing more than a codeword for anti-White.

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