Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jewish Neocons Calling for Another Iraq War

Jew Neocons Calling for Third Iraq War

Daily Stormer
June 22, 2014
Richard Perl, Jew mastermind of the second Iraq war.
Richard Perl, Jew mastermind of the second Iraq war.
The Jews are at it again, calling for a third war with Iraq to stop the terrorism as ISIS continues to march forward.
The Wall Street Journal is on the front lines of the demand for a really totally simple plan to stop the terror.
Mr. Obama now faces the choice of intervening anew with U.S. military force or doing nothing. The second option means risking the fall of Baghdad or a full-scale Iranian intervention to save Mr. Maliki’s government, either of which would be terrible strategic defeats.
The alternative is to stage an intervention similar to what the French did in Mali in early 2013, using a combination of air power and paratroops to defeat or at least contain ISIS. But that would be an admission that Mr. Obama’s policy in Iraq has failed, that his claims of retreat without risk from the Middle East were false and naive, and that his premature withdrawal now demands an emergency intervention.
Wow, just like that. It not only sounds simple, it actually sounds fun.
Why would you not do it, Obongo?

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  1. Heads up, folks! The neo-cons are in heat again.The same gang of right-wing ideological maddogs who got George W to launch his disastrous Iraq attack Reality can be hard on theorists just ask that gaggle of neoconservative geniuses who designed and pushed George W's invasion of Iraq. The theory propounded by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Bush's other "Big-Thinker" war hawks (none of whom have ever actually been in a war) was that crushing Saddam Hussein would cause the flowering of a pro-American democracy in Iraq. In the glorious vision of these theorists, grateful Iraqis would shower American troops with rose petals, Halliburton would quickly rebuild the country's infrastructure, International bankers and U.S. corporations would install a pure capitalist economy, and our troops would be home by summer, having turned over power to a secular government, largely handpicked by neo-con (con me once) Bushites.

    The theory was that secular Iraqi politicians long allied with the CIA would win, giving Bush & Co. an Arab ally to counter the Muslim theocracy in neighboring Iran. In theory, thus Americanized Iraq could then be counted on to side with the U.S. on everything from Mideast oil prices to Israeli policy. -- But oops the candidates of the neo-cons got skunked! The election was won by a religious slate handpicked by Iraq's top Shiite Muslim leader. -- One of the greatest ironies of Bush's war is that it has created a new ally for Iran, the very country that the neo-cons want to attack next.