Thursday, June 19, 2014

Executive Failure Mirroring Personal Failure

The following story is related here as it has a direct bearing on the current lawsuit that has been filed by NARRG against Erich Gliebe and the Board of Directors that is working its way through litigation. All of it is a matter of public record.
Earlier a story on this website reported that Erich Gliebe was involved in tandem with another lawsuit filed March 11, 2014; this one filed by a debt collection agency against him this year.
That legal action filed by the debt collector, CACH, LLC of Denver, CO had been settled in an out of court agreement on May 7, 2014. The lawsuit filed in the Cuyahoga County, OH Court of Common Pleas was the debt collectors action to force Mr. Gliebe to make good on a lawful debt he incurred to the amount of $6,295.
Mr. Gliebe originally accumulated this debt on a credit card he had not made a payment on since November of 2011. The credit card company, unable to reclaim the lawful debt incurred by Mr. Gliebe sold that debt to a debt collection company as to not take a total loss by Mr. Gliebe’s defaulting.
In turn, the debt collection company, CACH, LLC hired an Akron OH law firm to sue Mr. Gliebe for the debt amount. Mr. Gliebe who was not represented by an attorney, agreed to an out of court settlement, the results of which are not known.
In recent years Mr. Gliebe has been involved as a defendant in a couple other legal actions involving personal debt in addition. In one case, a Savings & Loan company took out a lawsuit for a default and in another case, Mr. Gliebe faced legal action by the State of Ohio over the arrears of state income taxes where a lien was placed against his property. In none of these cases was Mr. Gliebe represented by an attorney.
Also let’s not forget the Canadian hearing concerning a deceased member’s bequest to the National Alliance worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars which ended up being struck down under Canada’s draconian legal rulings on June 5; Mr. Gliebe there too failed to have an attorney retained to defend the National Alliance’s interests in that case and didn’t even make an appearance at the hearing in New Brunswick to give testimony or statement.
And, of course, in our lawsuit Mr. Gliebe is charged with violations of corporate governance that are the result of either malfeasance, misfeasance, negligence or a combination of the three.
One can easily see a pattern here concerning all these previous legal actions taken out by others; loan companies, credit card companies, debt collection agencies and taxes. The common thread of all these actions are problems that Mr. Gliebe has with managing himself.
In the case of taxes it is one thing for Gliebe to get into arrears with his own personal state’s income tax, (Since 2009, Gliebe has been working a separate full-time job in his home area. Being chairman of the Alliance is his 2nd income windfall while doing very little work for it. Bilking money from members is a 3rd by obtaining fraudulent “loans” from or outright begging.) but in allowing the National Alliance’s personal property taxes to go up onto sheriff’s auction violates the cardinal rule of corporate governance; and that is to pay your taxes first.
Our contention in our corporate lawsuit, are the problems of deficient (or more nefarious) financial dealings of Erich Gliebe with members money and the corporations money and its management.
Certainly it is not unreasonable to conclude that the probability of Mr. Gliebe’s lack of fiscal responsibility and management of his own personal accounts more likely than not be equated as to what one could expect of him in his corporate management of the National Alliance organization and its associated business enterprises.
One would fully expect that someone who had so deficient, negligent or even worse financial acumen in the most basic household economy, governing oneself, certainly couldn’t do any better managing a more complex business like the National Alliance and its associated auxiliaries.
Indeed, fiscal irresponsibility with Erich Gliebe is either a freewill lifestyle choice or is a compulsive disorder. What Gliebe does with his own financial problems is his business but as he is the cause of the National Alliance’s, that’s our business. We can hereby demonstrate that the management of the National Alliance and its businesses are a mirror image of Erich Gliebe himself and show additionally there could certainly be personal motive in this management. When one is in a position of sweeping powers of the management of other peoples money (the corporate interest), against the backdrop of that same executive in desperate personal financial straits, it naturally causes one to wonder.
We can see some interesting parallels. In all these cases, ours included, Gliebe is a defendant because he is dead in the wrong. All of these cases, including ours, involve irresponsibility with finances. All of these cases, including ours again, Gliebe doesn’t have representation. We can hope that a trend is taking shape in that defendant Gliebe will again agree to settle out of court. In any event, however, NARRG is fully prepared to meet him and his friends once again in front of a judge. Since the previous hearing this past April 16, we have collected even more evidence that we will be eager to present.

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