Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ADL Claims it is Anti-Semitic to say that Hollywood is Run by Jews

Anti-Defamation League Claims It is Anti-Semitic to Say That Hollywood is Run by Jews

Daily Slave
June 25, 2014
Abe Foxman a filthy Jewish parasite.
Politically incorrect remarks by Hollywood actor Gary Oldman about Mel Gibson and Jewish Hollywood have sparked a firestorm in the Jew run media.  Now we see an article being put out by Variety written by Jew Shelli Weinstein revealing ridiculous commentary on the situation by the Jew run Anti-Defamation League.  The ADL through their Jew representative Abe Foxman is claiming that it is anti-Semitic to say that Hollywood is run by Jews.
Essentially, Foxman wants people to believe that it is anti-Semitic to state facts about Hollywood.  Foxman is hoping that if he repeats this lie often enough it will become truth.  Too bad for him, that his fellow tribesman Joel Stein has already exposed the fact that Jews run Hollywood.  Guess that means Stein must be an anti-Semite also.
From Variety:
Following published remarks by actor Gary Oldman, in which he defends Mel Gibson’s past anti-Semitic comments, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has said that Oldman, “should know better than to repeat tired anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish control of Hollywood.”
“Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him,” Oldman said in an interview with Playboy.
The remark came after the British actor cited what he believes is hypocrisy in Hollywood, that personalities like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can get away with politically incorrect humor, while others cannot.
“Gary Oldman’s remarks irresponsibly feed into a classic anti-Semitic canard about supposed Jewish control of Hollywood and the film industry,” said Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the ADL. “He should know better than to repeat and give credence to tired anti-Semitic tropes. Mel Gibson’s ostracization in Hollywood was not a matter of being ‘politically incorrect,’ as Mr. Oldman suggests, but of paying the consequences for outing himself as a bigot and a hater. It is disturbing that Mr. Oldman appears to have bought into Mr. Gibson’s warped and prejudiced world view.”
A 2013 ADL poll revealed that 24 percent of all Americans believe that “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” contributing to the stereotype.
Oldman has yet to respond to the backlash to his remarks.

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