Wednesday, May 21, 2014

White Group’s Dark Days Over?


National Alliance members unite to file lawsuit against “do-nothing” chairman

By Fred Lingel
afp_lawsuite_pic1Concerned members of the National Alliance have come forward to take back control of the once-popular pro-white organization and prevent the current board of directors from selling off all of its assets.
The National Alliance, founded in 1974 by Dr. William Pierce, was meant to represent white people. Although there are active, well-financed and vocal groups representing every other racial group in America, until the National Alliance came along the descendants of the people who founded this country had no representation.
In the Sept. 2, 2013, edition, AFP reported on the demise of the National Alliance as it was led by Pierce until his untimely death in July 2002.
Since then the leadership of the replacement chairman, Erich Gliebe, has seen the organization descend from its zenith in 2002 to its now nearly non-existent status. This has happened according to National Alliance members because of a combination of malfeasance and misfeasance in management and just plain neglect in promoting or even maintaining the organization.
Senior members and the leadership cadre objected to Gliebe’s decade-long lack of proper management. Included in this number were the remaining unit coordinators and high-profile activists in addition to Pierce’s brother, Sanders Pierce. From the end of 2012 through 2013, the organization, which has been experiencing yearly declining membership since 2002, saw a major walk-out of the majority of those remaining. Not a single chapter of the National Alliance remains anywhere now. There was a time when the organization boasted of nearly three dozen units and proto-units across the United States.
In mid-year 2013, deeply concerned members formed an association called the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group, more commonly referred to asNARRG. At this time and through the remainder of 2013, NARRG attempted to open a dialog about the crisis with the National Alliance management to negotiate a mediated settlement. However, neither Gliebe nor the other two members of the board of directors would even talk to the members.
In the middle of this, Gliebe had put a large portion of the national office property at Mill Point, W.V. on the market, asking nearly $700,000. This news sent shockwaves through the membership as it was perceived as evidence that Gliebe intended to close the National Alliance down. The office itself has for the most part been abandoned for years having only one part-time employee. Unlike Pierce, Gliebe never has worked at the office, residing instead at his suburban home in Cleveland, Ohio.
Gliebe and the board were warned in October 2013 that if the request for direct mediation was ignored NARRG would file a lawsuit to save the National Alliance. On Jan. 2, NARRG did exactly that. Through its attorney, the NARRG team filed a case of corporate grievances and misconduct in a Virginia court. The National Alliance is a nonprofit corporation that was registered in Virginia by Dr. Pierce when he founded it.
NARRG and its council prepared for an initial April 16 hearing. However, just prior to the hearing, in a separate legal action in West Virginia where the National Alliance office and property are located, NARRG placed a lis pendens—or a notice that a lawsuit was being filed to contest the sale of the property—against all the various parcels making up the national office property of approximately 360 acres. This warned any potential buyer that the property itself was involved in litigation as well as giving NARRG some insurance against Gliebe obtaining any loans from the property’s equity.
narrg_afp_adThe lawsuit against Gliebe and the current management is about proper and lawful corporate governance and violations under the law. The plaintiffs contend that the defendants have willfully, incompetently or neglectfully mismanaged the corporation, causing it to descend to near collapse, and then tried to sell off the organization’s remaining assets.
The defendants filed a motion for dismissal at the beginning of the April 16 hearing, but that motion was denied. After several hours of testimony and submission of documents of evidence by the plaintiffs, the judge issued an injunction against the management, prohibiting the sale, liquidation or encumbrance of any asset or property associated with the National Alliance.
The case now proceeds through a more intense discovery process that will demand cooperation from the defendants.
While more evidence against the management is collected, the assets of the National Alliance now have court protection.
Members and supporters of NARRG say they are satisfied with the results of this initial hearing and are eager and ready to proceed to the lawsuit’s conclusion.
Some additional good news was received by NARRG within hours after the hearing with the announcement of the resignation of one of the board
members. The registration agent of the corporation, Ryan Maziarka, tendered his resignation from the board as well as association with the National Alliance to Gliebe. Besides Gliebe, the only remaining board member left is Jayne Cartwright of Parma, Ohio.
AFP will continue its exclusive coverage of the attempt by Gliebe to kill off the National Alliance and the efforts of concerned members to save it.
For those interested in further information or if you wish to help in this effort visit on the Internet, or write to NARRG at 1805 N. Carson St., #196, Carson City, NV 89701.

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