Thursday, May 15, 2014

White Families In Savannah Provoke Black Mob Violence?

Note: It has been a while since we have addressed BRA and black crime. As you can see, nothing has changed.

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  1. Murderous black violence inspired by black racism against whites has been the dirty little secret suppressed by the white gentile-hating Jewish mega-media machine for many decades now. The abjectly biased Jewish media hates white people, especially heterosexual, Christian, white males. This is because the myrmidons who comprise the Jewish-run media know that the white Christian male poses the main, most effective threat to their ancient cynical quest for the domination...then enslavement...of the peoples of the world. Once the Christian white male has been subdued...conquered...put in his place...the conquest of the rest of the world will be an easy task. This is why, via their media control, the white Christian male has been relentlessly debased, denigrated, maligned, excoriated. The Jewish race has since the beginning of recorded history been the bane of every other race of people on planet Earth. The Jews, the race of demonic people that savagely tortured and brutally murdered Jesus the Christ over 2,000 years ago...are the foul spawn of the ultimate anti-Christ, Satan himself. The various hate crimes laws that now befoul many nations world-wide were conceived by the Satan-worshipping Jews for the self-serving purposes of protecting themselves from the wrath of good and decent people who in time will discover their foul perfidy...and to debase...debauch...the unwary remnants of the white race who have not yet awakened to their ( the Jews' )destructive treachery. The clock of history ticks, time runs short. Will as-yet naïve whites finally awaken to the deadly peril that awaits them at the murderous, blood-stained hands of the enemy of all mankind...the Jews?