Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Matrix of Malevolence:Columbus Culture of Corruption-part 2

Michael Weaver, victim of an anti-White hate crime perpetrated by the state of Georgia.

May 5, 2014
A Special 1-Hour Interview with Michael Weaver
Tonight I have the honor of speaking with Michael Weaver aka Michael Carothers and his father David Carothers. Although still a young man, Michael is a longtime veteran of the Pro-White Struggle. When he turned 18, Michael joined Dr. Pierce's National Alliance and soon became a rising star within that organization. Michael worked closely with other leading political activists like Dr. David Duke. For his service on the street level, handing out fliers and organizing, Michael was awarded the 2008 "Activist of the Year" award by the National Alliance. 
With his growing exposure in the Pro-White Community, others took notice as well, particularly the corrupt local police and Jewish Supremacist organizations like the ADL. What followed was a tireless campaign of Soviet-style harassment and politically-motivated persecution, which culminated in his being railroaded by the legal system into accepting a 10-year sentence merely for defending himself from would-be carjackers who happened to be black. And believe it or not, this is only the beginning of Michael Weaver's story of political persecution and steadfast courage in standing up to a system that seeks his (and OUR) eradication merely for speaking truth to power.

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