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The Crucifixion of Matthew Heimbach

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2014
Matthew Heimbach
Matthew Heimbach
The noble Aryan warrior Matthew Heimbach has been denied communion by his neo-Marxist parish priest due to his activism.  I am extremely upset by this strange development.
Here is the full statement from the priest:
On Saturday, April 12, 2014, I received Matthew Heimbach into the Orthodox communion through the sacrament of Chrismation. I did not understand at that time that he held nationalistic, segregationist views. Immediately upon learning of the scope and development of Matthew’s views, I responded to his decisions quickly and decisively, meeting with him in person and by phone on multiple occasions, and conferring with our bishop.
Typically pastoral issues are best handled confidentially between priest and penitent in order to protect the privacy of those coming for counsel. If, however, a person makes inflammatory public statements in the name of the Orthodox Faith, as in the present case of Matthew Heinbach, a public statement is most certainly warranted.
Though Matthew has made progress in coming to understand the teachings of Christ, he has not formally renounced his views promoting a separationist ideology. Orthodoxy rejects the teaching that churches or countries should be divided along racial lines. For, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. 3:28). And again, “They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one Shepherd” (Jn. 10:16).
Matthew must cease and desist all activities, both online, in print, and in person, promoting racist and seperationist ideologies, effective immediately. He must formally reject violence, hate speech, and the heresy of Phyletism. Finally, he must submit to period of formal penance in order to be received back into the Orthodox communion.
- Father Peter Jon Gillquist
And here is the position of Heimbach, written by Matt Parrott (who was also, apparently, expelled from the church):
Heimbach and I have, in accordance with the request of our priest, chosen to take a sabbatical from the project. We don’t know how long it will be, anywhere from a few days to permanent, depending on how things play out. What does a man do when his championship of Authority and Tradition results in his traditional authority prohibiting his life’s work immediately and without warning? It’s a profound riddle, one we’ll be digesting during our ongoing discourse with the Church.
I’m disappointed to the brink of illness, as my conviction remains that my White American people do have a right to exist. I don’t believe that my people are uniquely undeserving among all the world’s people of advocacy and stewardship. I believe that the Holy Tradition of the Church is on our side. I believe that those who insist that Christianity is integrally anti-White will be proven wrong in due time.
This is not our project, alone. It’s not our place to “shut it down” or “turn off comments”. To do so would be to sabotage the work of others. We are going to humble ourselves to pastoral guidance, affording them the time they need to fully digest what exactly we are and what exactly we stand for. We are going to humble ourselves to their guidance and wisdom, approaching the dialogue with open hearts and minds.
Heimbach only joined the church last month (being expelled later in the same month). I am able to understand why he joined. Having been in Greece and Slavland for the better part of the last year, I too have been enthralled by the ancient beauty, and apparent purity, of the Orthodox Church.
The priest’s position, however, is unacceptable, for several reasons I should elaborate on.
First, here is the picture which was brought to the attention of Father Gillquist after having been posted on Facebook by Heimbach:
And the wrong part is what?
And the wrong part is what?
The suggestion is that Heimbach was using an Orthodox symbol to somehow “promote violence” and the “hatred, blah blah blah” that the liberal priest mentions in his statement.
What happened in real life is that Heimbach was carrying the cross at a protest against a “slutwalk” and was attacked by these haters. He was, in fact, defending the cross from the Antichrist defenders of the walking sluts.
I do not need to be a Priest to state before God Almighty that no sin was committed. To the contrary, the defense of the Cross from those who would stand against it is an act of Most Holy Righteousness, and the sacred duty of each and every Christian.
The statement of the Priest is, with due respect, sickeningly liberal and absolutely Antichrist in nature.
Though the image shown was what set off the drama, it is clear by his statement that the only way he is planning to allow Matt to take communion is if he renounces his nationalist beliefs. He cites the alleged heresy of “phyletism,” which is the use of the Orthodox faith as a tool of nationalism, putting the nation above the church. This was declared heretical only in 1872, before which point the Eastern Orthodox Church always embraced nationalism as an aspect of the Christian faith and the Christian identity.
Even with phyletism as an official modern heresy, many Orthodox priests would interpret it differently; we see that many Greek Orthodox priests have been vocal in supporting the Golden Dawn, for instance, and various Slavic forms of nationalism are continually embraced by the Church.
Galatians 3:28, which the Priest cites to support his Marxist theology, does not mean what he twists it to mean; if we consider it in the way he presents it, then there is also no difference between men and women! Surely, Father Gillquist would not endorse the idea that because there is no difference between men and women, bathrooms should all be unisex? And then, of course, if there is no difference between man and woman, why then should gay marriage not be allowed? It only follows logically, from the interpretation of this specific verse given by Father Gillquist, that men should be allowed to copulate and marry other men, because it’s “all the same” anyway.
This is the slippery slope.
For those interested in the true meaning of Galatians 3:28, our very own Clement Pulaski has written a brilliant analysis, breaking down the heretical teaching that God intends us to violate the natural order by mixing the races.
And so, again with respect, it seems to me that Father Gillquist is the one committing a heresy, endorsing, as he is, the genocide of the White race, and through this, mass suffering and death and ultimately the destruction of all human civilization of which Christianity is responsible for having established. Clearly, many in the Orthodox Church would agree with me on this point, but as it is part of the structure of the Church that a member must obey his local Priest, Matt is in no position to question this decree without questioning the authority of the Church itself.
By demanding an end to the race which built Christian civilization, the Marxist Priest is demanding an end of Christendom.
By demanding an end to the race which built Christian civilization, the Marxist Priest is demanding an end of Christendom itself.
I will not herein attempt to deeply analyze the workings or doctrine of the modern Orthodox Church. What I will say is that there is a True Faith in God which exists beyond all workings of every man-made Church, and this is one which can only be evaluated or judged based on the order of nature itself. We can recognize, by viewing the natural order, that the integration of races is a defilement of the basic design of human biological systems, and thus a sin against God.
And if the Church demands that you defile the order of nature, it is the Church that is wrong – not nature and certainly not God.
I pray Matt would consider the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church, during communism, was completely infiltrated and had Priests acting as agents of communism, using religious decrees, such as that which Matt is presently being subject to, for all sorts of unnatural and evil purposes.
Above all else, our duty is to God, Who is defined by the order of nature.  Institutions of religion are valuable only so long as they work in harmony with the Divine Will.
Above all else, our duty is to God, Who is defined by the order of nature. Institutions of religion are valuable only so long as they work in harmony with the Divine Will.
The Roman Catholic Church, once unified with the Eastern Orthodox, fell long ago into the trap laid for it by the Jews, and is now, in many of its precepts, in direct conflict with what were once unquestionable truths, with the Pope openly committing a most serious heresy in declaring that people are “too concerned” about abortion and homosexualism.
We live in an age of the greatest darkness, when even our most sacred institutions have been corrupted by the Antichrist philosophies of Marxism. It is then up to us to forge our own path, based on the teachings of Christ, rather than the doctrines of man-made institutions of religion.
The Marxist Priest Father Gillquist is now attempting to condemn Matthew Heimbach to hell by denying him Holy Communion for a sin against political correctness. Matt must now choose between God, who is self-evident in the order of nature, and the Church, which is self-evidently corrupted by modern political doctrine.
May God and the Archangel guide him.  I believe that if he opens his heart, the Truth will make itself known to him.
May the Light always triumph.

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