Thursday, May 15, 2014

Southeast Alabama CofCC Organizing In Response To Recent Violent Crimes

Southeast Alabama CofCC

After my son is born in early June, I won’t be able to travel and participate in activism events as much as I used to. At least for a while, those activities will continue without me.
My circumstances as a parent will force me to stay put closer to home. That doesn’t mean giving up on my recent focus on activism though. I’m planning to shift my attention to activism and organizing back home in Southeast Alabama.
That’s where I was born and raised. The Lower Chattahoochee Valley is the area that I know best and where it is the easiest for me to operate anyway. I’ve also been wondering whether it is better and more sustainable to organize and agitate locally in smaller numbers than to keep traveling great distances.
In any case, these are some issues that have been on my mind lately, but a catalyzing event was hearing about a series of shocking black-on-white violent crimes back home while I was on the road in Tennessee and Missouri. The actions of “Duce” Conway, Phyllis Bennett, and Laketih Black have given me three reasons to spend more time on building up my Southeast Alabama CofCC chapter:
Eufaula Beating
Demetrius Duce Conway
On Thursday, April 24th, a 64-year-old Eufaula real estate agent named John “Buddy” Lawrence was jumped, robbed, and savagely beaten by Demetrius “Duce” Conway after he attempted to film a drug deal in progress on one of his properties.
In an online comment at The Barbour County Reporter, Lawrence’s daughter describes her father as “a pillar of the community” in Eufaula, AL and a Christian who “doesn’t hate anyone” and who “feeds the poor every Sunday.”
Dothan Dollar General Stabbing
Phyllis Bennett
On Monday, April 28th, Phyllis Bennett, a 200 pound black woman, stalked, jumped, and repeatedly stabbed a random White woman she didn’t know in a Dollar General store in Dothan, AL for no apparent reason. The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera and can be found below.
Auburn Gang Rape
Laketih Black
Laketih Black
The worst incident happened just a few days ago.
On Monday, May 12th, Lakeith Black and three other black juveniles broke into the home of a 19-year-old White female Auburn University student in the middle of the night in Auburn, AL, where they proceeded to gang rape and sodomize her before stealing her car and around $7,000 worth of electronic devices.
Note: The recent black-on-white attacks in Savannah, GA and Meridian, MS show the need for Whites to start organizing elsewhere.


  1. i couldn't see the attack clearly because of the camera angle.. If dollar general believes in safety of it's cliental they need to install more cameras in their stores.

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