Friday, May 9, 2014

Say No to Amnesty:Stop Illegal Immigration Now!!!


  1. No nation can be a strong, healthy, unified nation if it does not secure its borders...if it fails to control the influx of foreigners, especially foreigners of the darker races. People of the darker races tend not to share the mindset...the value system...of the as- yet majority white population that comprises the North American continent. Innumerable studies from a variety of credible sources reveal that immigrants of the darker races, both legal and not readily assimilate into white Western societies and cultures, wherever thy may be. This is why aliens are called aliens: They know not the ways and manners of the place they have inundated. America was, in fact, conceived and founded by white males of European lineage, descent, heritage, a fact that causes the darker races...and self-hating, guilt-ridden white liberals... much angst. The once strong, healthy and wealthy nation that once was America is even now in rapid decline due in large measure to the teeming hordes of illegals who have for the past several decades swarmed across our Southern border with the full knowledge and consent of the "American" federal government and more than a few state governments. The Democrat Party-controlled federal government and the various state governments ( both Democrat and Republican controlled ) are, of course, desperately pandering for the Hispanic vote by whatever means necessary, the legal status of the new voters be damned. The massive influx of illegals from south of America's border has created incalculable the states they have invaded. These illegals have left formerly hard-working American citizens bereft of the jobs upon which they once relied to feed themselves and their families. These illegal invaders have overwhelmed the social services systems of the states in which they have taken residence. As a result, these formerly financially sound systems, intended to help legitimate Americans in need...are being strained to the breaking point, leaving fewer resources available to them. America has become like the head of a household who feeds his neighbor's family rather than his own...lets his own family starve. Many of America's corporations are also complicit in this foul and bizarre dynamic. For the sake of shaving a few pennies from their bottom enhance their corporate profits...these un-American corporations located in America are willing to hire and fire, i.e., hire illegal workers and fire Americans workers. This is an outrageous, dastardly state of affairs that would not have been tolerated in the America that once was America, but now is not. The history of mankind's existence on this ever-troubled planet is replete with bitter ironies of untold number. Chief among these bitter ironies is the bitter fact that, with the active encouragement of their own government and lawless corporations...the American people are insidiously being deprived of their once sound nationhood. The American people are, in their own land.

  2. A Parthian Shot here: U.S. Justice Department statistics reveal that about 25 Americans are killed every day by illegal aliens who have scoffed at American law by crashing through America's Southern border. Yes, 25 ( or more ) Americans are killed every week by illegal aliens who have no right to be in America, yet they ARE here because of the lax...cynical...nation-destroying policies of America's self-serving "public servants" who pander for their votes, and the equally self-serving "American" corporations that want them here for their so-called cheap labor. The joke, though, is on both foul entities. The Republican establishment mistakenly believes that it will gain the Hispanic vote if it is nice to them, a Faustian Bargain, to be sure. Illegal aliens will...of course...harken to whichever of America's oligarchical political system promises them the most free, American taxpayer-funded "bennies," i.e., Section 8 housing, Social Security disability benefits, and food stamps. These invaders from south of the border have no interest, nor assimilate themselves into American society and culture. They seek not even to bother to learn the English language, the predominant language of their host country, America. Instead, they expect...demand...that English-speaking Americans learn THEIR language, Spanish. The joke, too, is on the "American" ( multi-national )corporations that mistakenly think that they will obtain cheap labor from the invading Hispanics. Once the invaders obtain legal status, which they will if both of America's political parties have their way via the force of law )...the pool of cheap labor will of course dry up. The federal minimum wage will apply to them, too. No more cheap labor that, truth be told...has never really been cheap. Every day and night families across America weep for their deceased loved ones...mothers, fathers, sisters and sons...that have lost a loved one via the cynical and sinister policies of the American government and her corporate-sanctioned illegal invasion of the once great, once sovereign... nation that once was America. American citizens who have been adversely affected by their government's inexcusably lax immigration policies should form a bloc of concerned citizens for the purpose of enacting a class action lawsuit against their government for redress of grievances...a so-called government that, rather than protecting its citizens from "enemies both foreign and domestic"...instead aids and abets the robberies, rapes and murders of its own citizens. It is the duty of any legitimate government to secure the lives and property of its citizens. In this vitally important regard the American government has failed miserably...and deliberately. The souls of American citizens who have been murdered by lawbreakers from south of their border cry out for justice...