Thursday, May 1, 2014

Political satire



  1. "President" Barack H. Obama, the perhaps Kenyan-born 44th president of the once great, feared and revered United States of America? This inept, incompetent, evil, America-hating black racist is now the leader of the "Free World"? The end times as foretold by the various books of prophesy contained within the New Testament of the Christian Holy Bible are perhaps looming ever near, ever closer. America is now a weak and doddering Third World basket case of a nation, a nation bereft of her former God-given glory. The ash heap of history awaits the once proud and bold people of America with wide open arms. America is doomed...will follow the ignoble course of history as set forth by the once great cultures of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome. America will in time collapse beneath the weight of her own perfidy, for a nation is any better than the people who comprise it. The American people are now a debased, degenerate people...such a people cannot long survive...

  2. "In the souls of the people the Grapes of Wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage." John Steinbeck