Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Petition to restore the ‘secede’ billboard in Montgomery

A petition was started today and has been passed around on Facebook and other social media asking that Lamar Advertising in Montgomery do the right thing and honour its contract with the League of the South and restore the ‘secede’ billboard it recently took down. The billboard was only up for a day and received media coverage. Several people have noted on the League’s Facebook page that they drove well out of their way just to see it in person. The advertisement was working, that is clear. And then it was removed after a few complaints surfaced in the city which is home to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-Left, anti-White organisation which has attacked the League (as well as many other Christian and conservative organisations) for many years.
SNN readers are encouraged to politely contact Adam Freeman of Lamar Advertising at or by phone at (334) 281-0780. Readers are also encouraged to contact Russ Bullard, Adam Freeman’s supervisor, by e-mail at We would stress that all contact with Lamar should be professional and polite but should also express our disappointment that the company didn’t honour its agreement with the League.

Secede billboard in Montgomery2

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