Monday, May 26, 2014

Leftist fanatics launch attempt to rid New York City of white people

Leftist Fanatics Launch New Attempt to Completely Ethnically Cleanse New York City of Whites

The New Observer
May 27, 2014
The leftist fanatics who run New York City have launched a new attempt to finally drive out what remains of the metropolis’s white population with a plan to building “low income housing” in the few remaining affluent areas.
According to the 2010 US Census, “non-Hispanic Whites” constituted 33.31 percent of the city’s population, or 2,722,904 individuals. Of this number, at least 1,540,000 are Jews.
Given that US Census racial definitions are based on self-identification and include all Middle Easterners as “white,” it is therefore likely that the European-descended population of New York City is well below one million, out of a grand total of around 8.4 million—or just on 12 percent.
The extent of the ethnic cleansing of the city is apparent when it is considered that at the beginning of the twentieth century, New York City’s population was over 90 percent European origin.
Not satisfied with having very nearly exterminated the white population, the city overlords have now announced plans “to attack economic segregation” which they have correctly identified as the areas to which the remaining whites have fled.
According to an announcement by Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Vicki Been, the plan will consist of the building of “80,000 new affordable apartments” and the “preservation of 120,000 units” which would, she said, “create a more diverse city.
“We really have to make economic diversity a cornerstone of that plan,” she said at a City Council budget hearing this past week.
“That means that in some neighborhoods that have mostly middle or upper-income housing, that we would need to put affordable housing at the very lowest income.
““But in some communities where we have a great deal of poverty . . . we would try to bring more moderate (-income housing) into those neighborhoods, to try to achieve the kind of diversity that we want,” Been said.
The project will be funded out of newly-election mayor Bill De Blasio’s executive budget to the tune of $3.1 billion.

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