Thursday, May 1, 2014

Illegals charged with 251 counts of molesting children in just NC in one month

Illegals charged with 251 counts of molesting children in just NC in one month

In February, 2014 the state of North Carolina charged illegal aliens with 154 counts of molesting children. In March it was 251. All so the Democrats can have more voters and the Neo-cons can have cheap labor.
In March 2014, illegal aliens were charged with more than 250 separate counts of sex crimes against children, throughout the state of North Carolina.
Of course, this figure is not an anomaly, as those here illegally were charged with more than 150 acts of child molestation during the previous month in the Tarheel state.
This war against the children of North Carolina is simply the inevitable result of both the Obama administration’s decision to basically suspend all immigration enforcement, as well as city governments throughout the state implementing so-called ‘sanctuary policies’ which shield criminal aliens from possible deportation.
Once again, the citizen advocacy group known as NCFIRE has provided this reporter with a list of illegal aliens who were charged with various sex crimes against children in several counties across the state of North Carolina.

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  1. America's wide-open Southern border should be a national disgrace to all Americans, both native- born and naturalized citizens. A nation that cannot...or refuses to...control its borders can never be a sovereign nation. A casual perusal of world history proves this vital fact. For example, the once- flourishing societies and cultures of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome fell because they could not...or would not...turn back the tide...the tsunami...of the hordes of foreigners who illegally invaded their lands. In time, foreigners from foreign lands debase, and ultimately destroy...the societies...cultures...that they invade with impunity. A viable nation is comprised of people who share a common history, a common value system, a common tongue. When these attributes are cast aside, and in time sneered at...that society, culture and nation inevitably falls into ruin. Again, history reveals this salient fact. And this is what is now happening to the once-proud, once-sovereign nation that once was America. The people from south of the American border are not all bad people, to be sure, but an innumerable number of them are. Yes, an innumerable number of South and Central Americans are, in fact, bad robbers, rapists and criminals. U.S. Department of Justice statistics indicate that roughly 25 legal citizens of America are killed every day and night by illegal aliens, i.e., people who do not belong here...people who sneered at American federal law to crash through our borders...people who obviously have no respect for our immigration laws. That is, criminals who have broken federal and state laws by their very presence here, criminals who have taken a countless number of jobs that should rightfully be given to American citizens...i.e., people who legally belong here. A countless number of Americans are out of work because of the uncontrolled masses of illegals who have taken jobs formerly reserved for American citizens. A nation such as America, though, given her deliberately lax immigration policies... has no way to separate the wheat from the chaff...the docile sheep from the voracious goats. No society, culture or nation can long exist under these circumstances. Again...history vividly reveals this fact. Life is replete with ironies, sometimes bitter ironies. The bitter irony that is now the defining nature of America is that the once proud and astute people of this country have, via decades of Jewish media conditioning, become not an educated and informed people but, rather, an ignorant, misinformed people. This foul dynamic is precisely the goal of the Jewish mega-media machine that daily and nightly works its destructive sorcery upon the minds of the naïve American people whose only source of "information" is via the ever-pervasive Jewish media...TV, radio, the print media...and the Internet. Garbage in, garbage out, a world-wide matrix of malfeasant malevolence a malicious foreign power, i.e., the vicious, mendacious, murderous, bastard people of the bastard state of Israel. Americans must awaken to the deadly peril that the Christ-killing Jews who seek to dominate the world pose to the peoples of the world...especially to the people of America. The clock ticks, the hour is late, and the sleeping and naïve American citizen knows not that a murderous robber has invaded his home, an ill-intentioned robber who will not only take his hard-earned property...but also his life...and the lives of his wife and children. And his government that daily and nightly abuses him via prohibitive taxes and countless laws and regulations that eat out his substance...will stand by and do nothing to protect him. Such is the state of affairs now in the politically correct People's Republic of the once great and prosperous, formerly sovereign nation that once was America. The Jews, the spawn of the Master Liar, the Master Deceiver...the Destroyer of Mankind...Satan himself...