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“Good for the Jews” that Sterling Changed his Name: Jewish Journal

In yet another fascinating insight into the Jewish Supremacist mindset, David Suissa, president of “Tribe Media”, the holding company of The Jewish Journal, has announced that it was right that LA Clippers boss Donald Sterling changed his name from Tokowitz—because it is “good for the Jews.”
Writing in an article titled “Donald Tokowitz Sterling: A Jew minus,” in the Jewish Journal—the second largest Jewish newspaper in America—Suissa revealed Jewish Supremacist racist hypocrisy in a rant over the fact that Sterling/Tokowitz had been taped making comments about blacks, and also how they were treated in Israel.
He reveals that Sterling’s real name was Tokowitz:
“His descendants may also learn that Donald changed his last name from Tokowitz to Sterling to give himself an aura of success. The name Tokowitz, apparently, sounded too Jewish.
I guess you can say that his name change was good for the Jews.
Can you imagine the anti-Semitism that would have been rekindled today had it been billionaire Donald Tokowitz spewing these racist rants? Not that people can’t do quick research and figure out that Sterling is Jewish, but in our Twitter-dominated world, ‘Tokowitz the racist’ is exponentially worse for the Jews than “Sterling the racist.”
How’s that for delicious irony? By selfishly worrying about his own reputation, he ended up protecting — somewhat — his own people’s reputation.”
David Suissa, president of the aptly-named "Tribe Media" corporation, which runs a number of Jews-only newspapers and websites.
David Suissa, president of the aptly-named “Tribe Media” corporation, which runs a number of Jews-only newspapers and websites.
In other words, what The Jewish Journal is saying is that it is “good for the Jews” that most people will associate Tokowitz’s racist comments with Europeans, and not with  Jews.
From the Jewish Supremacist perspective, he is of course correct—but what type of mindset, what type of psychological attitude does it reveal to even think up a scenario through which it becomes possible to blame Jewish racism on Europeans?
This, and the constant name-changing which we see so prevalent among Jewish “celebrities” or political leaders, reveals a deep-seated knowledge on the part of Jewish Supremacists that they have to hide their Jewish origins from ordinary people.
The question begs: why? Why the need to hide the fact that they are of Jewish origin? A possible answer might be that it is part of an elaborate, even subconscious, program to be Jewish when they have to be, and something else when the need arises.
White Privilege or Jewish Privilege
For example, the Jewish dominated media is constantly ranting about so-called “white privilege” in America, yet in the most important universities of America, non-Jewish European Americans are by far the most underrepresented group of all.
harvard comparisons race jewssmall for internesmtAbove: Here is a chart showing the appalling lack of true diversity at Harvard and the Ivy League. Jews are dramatically over-represented in comparison with every ethnic/racial group in America. In comparison with European Americans, Jews are almost 47 times more represented than their population would merit. That’s four thousand seven hundred percent over-represented in comparison with the actual population of Jews and European Americans!
Note, that Jews are the most privileged by far of any other identifiable group in the United States. They are also dramatically over-represented in comparison with Asians, Hispanics and African Americans.
So, in fact, Jews are the real kings of privilege in America, and in the most important universities which admittedly are the primary source of the ruling elite of the American establishment, European Americans are the most discriminated against, dramatically so, of all groups.
The discrimination at Harvard is not simply demographic, it is easily proven that the discrimination is in favor of Jews at Harvard and across the Ivy League are over-represented by the factor of 13 times higher numbers than their merit would justify!
(See “Jewish Racist Discrimination against Better Qualified Students at Harvard”). This is never presented as “Jewish Privilege”, but always as “White Privilege.”
Yet, there is no mention of any of this in the Jewish-dominated entertainment and news media. The Jewish identity of the real dominators of Media, banking and Acasemia are invisible, just as Jews like Sterling (Tokowitz) remain unidentified.
Yet, when it comes to attacking Europeans, Jewish supremacists are quick to distance themselves from that group and engage in the most vicious blood libels (see here: “The Eternal Hatred: Jewish Supremacist Makes Blood Libel against Europeans”).
The Jewish Journal also revealed Tokowitz’s own personal hypocrisy by discussing all the “contributions” that the LA Clippers owner had made to Jews-only organizations over the years:
“In all, the Donald T. Sterling Foundation has made donations to more than 10 Los Angeles Jewish organizations over the last three years:
• Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles: $50,000 (2010).
• Beit T’Shuvah: $10,000 (2010); $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Jewish Vocational Service of Los Angeles: $10,000 (2010); $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Los Angeles Jewish Home: $10,000 (2010); $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust: $10,000 (2010); $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Museum of Tolerance: $10,000 (2010); $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Vista Del Mar: $10,000 (2010); $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Guardians of the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging: $10,000 (2011); $10,000 (2012).
• Creative Arts Temple: $10,000 (2012).
• The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles: $10,000 (2012).
• Temple of the Arts: $10,000 (2012).”
The Tokowitz drama reveals, though his name change and his overtly two-faced public identity, the truth about Jewish Supremacist behavior—and in particular the long-lasting effect of something in Judaic law called the “Haskalah.”
The “Haskalah” idea was started among Ashkhenazim Jews in the 18th century under the leadership of Moses Mendelssohn, and it was designed to make Jews and Judaism more cosmopolitan in character by encouraging adoption of the dress, customs, and language of their host populations.
According the New York based site,, as “late as the mid-nineteenth century the Russian maskil, Judah Leib Gordon, could still proclaim as the Haskalah ideal: “Be a Jew in your home and a man outside it,” as if a Jew could only make his way as a “man” by concealing his Jewish identity when associating with his non Jewish neighbours.”
Tokowitz—and Suissa—are shining examples of this maxim: be a Jew at home and a “man” on the street.
It sums up Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy and its deliberate deceit better than any outside writer could describe it.

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  1. The above posted article provides yet another example in an immensely long list of examples of Jewish deceit, dissembling, disingenuousness...ages-old traits that define the Jewish race. Since ancient times...biblical times...the Jews have been a most treacherous race, a demonic race that has ever been the bane of humanity. Throughout history the Jewish race has created problems that have beguiled the other races of humanity: the instigation of misbegotten and deadly wars that have destroyed the cream of the crop of the youth of the host countries whose leaders were naïve to admit them into their formerly peaceful and stable societies: wailing widows. Crying, bereft orphans. Broken national treasuries. The Jews have, throughout history, also fomented economic crises that have left social chaos and discord in their wake: poverty. massive homelessness. child and spouse abuse. rampant crime. The Jewish race has throughout history also debased, debauched, the host cultures that they infiltrated by their perfidious immorality, guile, deceit. Incalculably dire consequences have always been the result of this perfidious evil. Although the leaders of many gentile nations that were host to the Jews finally awakened to the murderous threat ( s ) posed by their Jewish invaders, the leaders' awakening was usually too late. The irreparable damage had already been done. The gentile leaders who were astute enough to see the damage to their societies wrought by the Jews were, to their credit, wise enough to rid their nations of them. Throughout history the Jews have, because of their poisonous nature, been forcibly evicted from over 100 gentile nations. It is time...past time...that the Jews who defile America be herded onto ships and cast adrift far from her shores. This is the only way that the sinking Ship of State that is America can be saved from doom.