Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eric Gliebe's Lackluster Leadership and the downfall of the National Alliance

Heritage & Destiny magazine, a racial nationalist publication from Great Britain in its March/April 2014 edition carries editorials and articles rightly critical of Nick Griffin, head of the British National Party, (as it does in most of its issues), and makes an interesting comparison to what is happening on this side of “the pond” in an editorial which says in part:
“An American racial nationalist called Dr. William Pierce, of whom many of you will have heard of and hopefully read…..knew that we must recruit the best one percent of the population first. And then and only then, once we have build up an infrastructure, which we can defend from both outside and within, we move on to the next stage.
Sadly, Dr. Pierce failed, and everything that he built up was destroyed by Griffin’s American counterpart Eric Gliebe.
Left: Erich Gliebe, Right: Nick Griffin
The editorial also features a photograph of Dr. Pierce from 1993, standing alongside H & D’s editor in front of the National Alliance’s national office administrative building in West Virginia, long abandoned since Erich Gliebe has been chairman.
Anyone interested in Heritage & Destinymagazine, which does have a North American readership may visit their website at www.heritageanddestiny.com
The magazine in appearance will remind National Alliance people of our formerFree Speech magazine, founded by Dr. Pierce in 1994 as a fund-raising publication for the now abandoned American Dissident Voices radio program. Erich Gliebe cancelled the weekly broadcast in 2013. Originally, subscriptions to the monthly magazine provided readers with the text of each month’s four weekly broadcasts along with photographs and illustrations and provided funding for the American Dissident Voices radio network which at its zenith had up to 18 AM/FM stations including a shortwave station broadcasting world wide.
One comment we’d like to make about the statement by Heritage & Destiny is that if Dr. Pierce “failed” as H & D puts it, then it could only be considered such due simply to the fact that he died untimely in 2002, unable to continue his path of building the National Alliance which at the time of his death was at its apex in membership, financial strength, influence and respect. Indeed, up until the time of Dr. Pierce’s passing other pro-White efforts paled in comparison to the National Alliance.
Since July of 2002 with Erich Gliebe taking the helm it has all been a downhill ride for Our Cause. We believe as did Dr. Pierce that ours is “The Movement” and that to build that movement we must attract the very best human resources, otherwise we stand no chance to build up organizational infrastructure and create an effective leadership cadre.
We believe as he did that principally we must recruit the educated, white-collar professional people and the blue-collar working class family people. These are the people who are more likely to be attracted to a far-reaching vision of positive values.
Additionally, we also agree with Dr. Pierce, that for our movement to be successful we must as he put it, “dis-invite” the others.
Whether or not Nick Griffin of the failed BNP is a “chairman for life” as asserted by another author in H & D in another article in the same issue we aren’t in a position of knowledge. However, we can say that as Erich Gliebe styles himself as such, we National Alliance members are going to deliver to him his long overdue and justly deserved comeuppance.
We are well on our way to doing just that!

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