Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Southern nationalists protest Herring in Richmond

This morning, Southern nationalists from the League of the South held a demonstration (see pictures and videos below) at the State capital in Richmond, Virginia against Attorney General Mark Herring for his refusal to defend traditional Christian marriage in Federal court as his position requires him to do. In failing to do so, Mr Herring has broken his oath of office and demonstrated disregard for the responsibilities entrusted to him by the people of Virginia. The US government has imposed homosexual marriage upon the Commonwealth and it was unopposed despite the Virginia Marriage Amendment. While the event took place a Federal judge imposed homosexual marriage upon Ohio. Today’s demonstration was covered by two local television stations who interviewed League spokesmen and recorded video of the protest. A small counter-protest by a dozen anti-White homosexual activists was held a block away. The Lefwingcounter-protesters from a group named Anti-racist Action pounded a tambourine, gyrated ttwildly, chanted ‘fascists eat s***!’ and shouted obscenities against League members. Two Leftists later rode by and made obscene gestures, shouted curses and threw papers out of the window onto the street. After the demonstration the League members went to a local Southern restaurant and took in some of the many heritage sites in the city.
One People’s Project, a communist website, gets the award for the most inaccurate coverage of the event. Their post contains numerous errors and near-comical lies in addition to the standard Marxist rhetoric.

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