Thursday, April 17, 2014

NARRG Files Action to Protect National Office Property
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Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - adminbuilding720NARRG’s attorney in West Virginia working with cooperation of our corporate attorney in Virginia has filed a Lis Pendens in the Pocahontas County WV court / land title office to help protect the national office property and buildings from liquidation by Erich Gliebe and the board of directors.
The Lis Pendens is a notice that there is pending lawsuit which affects the property and that the plaintiffs claim interest in the property. The Lis Pendens is applied by an attorney who examines and researches case law to determine that based upon the filed complaint that the plaintiffs have legal interest in the stated property.
The Lis Pendens that NARRG has applied encompasses the entire national office property which is made up of several parcels and not just the portion that is up for sale. However, the portion currently up for sale represents the bulk of the parcels at around 290 acres including the Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall.
Although the property may continue to stay on the market, the real estate firm handling the sale must advertise and disclose to potential buyers that there is what is called in real estate jargon, “a cloud”, on the property. Potential purchasers are thus made aware that the property is being legally contested. In the real estate business, a Lis Pendens is internally known as a “kiss of death” to a potential sale.
This also serves as a red flag to any potential lender of money based on the property equity. A reputable lender will not lend against a property with a Lis Pendens applied against it.
This filing should serve to protect the national office property from being sold out from under us.
Too much harm to the national office property has already been suffered over the last several years with Erich Gliebe’s destructive logging of the property; something that Dr. Pierce certainly would have never approved of and the continued unchecked decay of the national office building and the memorial hall. And let us not forget Gliebe put the property at risk of loss to the organization last year by not keeping up with the property taxes thus allowing the property at one point to go up on the sheriff’s list for auction.

With this separate legal action NARRG is proud to announce the accomplishment and to be able to report it to you as this progress report does not compromise our legal case in Virginia.

Thanks everyone for the support you’ve shown thus far and this report stands as evidence that NARRGcontinues to do all that is possible to save our beloved National Alliance.

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