Thursday, April 17, 2014

May Day 2014: (Washington, DC – May 1st)

May Day 2014 is coming on May 1 in Washington, DC

District of Corruption
I’m sure that some of you recall the Battle of May Day 2013.
Last year, Matt Heimbach and seven friends associated with the League of the South and the Towson White Student Union confronted the reds during the annual May Day parade in the streets of Washington, DC.
Carrying the Confederate Battle Flag and holding provocative signs that read “Commies are class traitors,” “100+ Million Killed by Communism,” and “Smash Left Wing Scum,” Matt and his fellow League activists wanted to send the message that leftwing communists don’t represent the White working class of the American South. Subsequently, a melee ensued that got national media coverage.
We talked about the Battle of May Day at the 2013 League of the South National Conference where Matt was presented with the Nathan Bedford Forrest award by Dr. Hill for his courageous actions. After the 2013 conference, Matt Heimbach moved to Indiana where he founded the Traditionalist Youth Network while the League of the South embarked on its activist turn in Uvalda & Vidala, GA in August.
As everyone probably remembers, Matt Heimbach and the League of the South had a falling out in October over Matt’s decision to work more closely with several White Nationalist groups like the NSM and Aryan Terror Brigade. Matt was kicked out of the League over that episode, but we remained in touch. In the SPLC ‘s Intelligence Report, I myself was quoted by Keegan Hankes saying, “I still consider Matt a friend.”
Well, all is forgiven … Matt Heimbach is back!

Matt Heimbach, Trad Youth, and the Virginia/Maryland League of the Southwill be holding a counter-demonstration, as previously planned, at the 2014 May Day Parade in the streets of Washington, DC.

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