Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jewish Supremacist Propaganda on “Visa Denials” Exposed


Current claims by Jewish Supremacists such as New York Senator Charles Schumer that the US is deliberately preventing Israelis from entering the US under its tourist visa system, have no basis in fact and are merely part of the ongoing propaganda war being waged to try and gain sympathy for Israel.
Senator Schumer has led this propaganda charge, claiming that the US State Department has a “widespread, arbitrary practice of denying young Israelis tourist visas.”
His claims have been repeated by other pro-Israel members of Congress and have also been taken up by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin, who also announced that some US Congress members “are pushing for legislation that would exempt Israel from the requirements to qualify for the waiver program altogether.”
(Why the Israeli foreign minister would be making announcements about US domestic policy is very enlightening in itself. To draw a parallel: this would be tantamount to, say, the Russian foreign secretary announcing what legislation is being prepared by the US Congress—such an announcement would bring cries of incredulity from the same press which has causally reported the Israeli announcement.)
The Jewish Supremacists claim that there has been a “dramatic spike” in refusals for Israeli tourists visiting Israel, and that this somehow means that the American government is now actively discriminating against Jews.
The reality is, of course, nothing near the Jewish Supremacist claims.  Official US Statement Department figures show that the rejection rate for Israeli applicants has risen slightly—from 5.4 percent to 9.7 percent—but that this figure is still way below most other nations, and hardly represents a “widespread arbitrary practice.”
By comparison, the rejection rate for visa applicants for Belarus is over 21 percent, Bulgaria’s is 20 percent, and Ireland, one of the US’s oldest and most traditional sources of immigration, is 17 percent.
The US State Department’s Jen Psaki has already pointed out that 90 percent of Israeli applicants get through, and that it is still possible for Israelis to get the 90-day ‘B’ visa for business or travel purposes.
US diplomats also cite conditions such as the issuing of biometric passports, proper procedures for reporting missing or stolen documents and allowing free access into Israel of all persons with American citizenship.
The slight increase in rejections for Israeli applicants is solely due to the number of Israelis who now simply ignore the most basic requirements—such as the correct filling in forms or providing adequate evidence of accommodation or means of support while visiting the US.
As most Americans who live on the East Coast will know, large numbers of young Israelis on tourist visas end up working illegally in shopping malls “selling art” and other items from carts, and it is against these obvious law-breakers that the rejection increase has been applied.
The claim by Schumer and others that Israelis are now being “discriminated against” is therefore completely untrue.
It is merely a reflection of how they see themselves vis-à-vis Gentiles: when non-Jews refuse to completely accede to even the most outrageous Jewish Supremacist demands, then those Gentiles are “guilty of anti-Semitism” even if there is absolutely no evidence to support that allegation.
In typical Jewish Supremacist fashion, there is only one position for Gentiles to adopt: complete servility—nothing less will do.
* A new Facebook page has been created by individuals who seek to apply Jewish Supremacist standards for America and Europe to Israel. Called “Open Borders for Israel,” this Facebook Group can be found here.
(This Facebook Group is not connected in any way to DavidDuke.com).

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