Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fourth suspect arrested in racially motivated murder of Chris Lane

Chris Lane was the Australian baseball player murdered because of the color of his skin in Oklahoma last August. Two perps were charged with murder, one black and one Mulatto. A third person was charged with being an accessory after the fact. This person appears to be a quadroon or octaroon. A fourth black male has now been arrested as an accessory.
The grandfather of one of the two main suspects has been charged as an accessory after the fact. Police believe he hid the murder weapon. Authorities apparently are hoping that he will give up the murder weapon to get his charges dropped.
This website took a leading role in blowing the lid off of a media cover-up. The media explicitly claimed the killing was not racially motivated. We found statements that one of the two murder suspects made on twitter that proved otherwise. He said that he was attacking random white people to get revenge for Trayvon Martin. The other murder suspect had a picture with the slogan “Black Power” prominently posted on his Facebook page.
Initially the media tried to portray the perps as white. The media initially only showed pictures of the white mother of the Mulatto suspect and the accessory, who was described as a “white male.” The Australia media was the first to publish pictures of all the suspects and suggest that it was racially motivated. Pictures of the accessory, which were shown in the media, varied dramatically in skin tone. This suggests Zimmerman style manipulation of the photographs to make him appear whiter.
The two suspects allegedly took shots at other random white pedestrians, but missed.

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  1. What?? Is your above article saying that the punk-ass, pussy-ass cops actually arrested a black gang-banger criminal/murderer who senselessly...randomly...murdered a young white man who had the misfortune of minding his own lawful business in a negroid-infested area? Geez!! Wonders never cease!! Most chump, pussy-ass American cops are afraid to arrest any person of color for any reason, unless, of course, the murder victim is one of their own. Even then the cops arrive en-masse, with overwhelming firepower, to kill the alleged perp. American police are pussies extraordinaire...they daily and nightly employ tactics that, if employed by an old lady defending her property...and life...SHE would be arrested, not the perp who sought to rape, rob and murder her. When seconds count, the police are only hours the donut shop. The police are nothing more than the mop-up boys in blue. They arrive after the fact...after the person has been murdered. They draw the white chalk line around the corpse, then hasten back to the donut shop. There are many as yet unsolved murders in the foul, dark, dirty and dangerous, crime-ridden city of Columbus, Georgia that have yet to be solved, if they ever will. When one's life hangs in the balance, the last thing one should do is to call the worthless piece of shit cops. The police are an egregious waste of taxpayer money...