Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arrest Tom Collins for making Terroristic Threats!!!

The office of Tom Collins can be reached or via phone at:702-455-3500


  1. Sure sounds like terroristic threats to me. If one of the ranchers or protesters said something like that they would probably get shot.

  2. The above displayed photo of Clark County ( Nev. ) Commissioner Tim Collins reveals that HE is likely an "inbred bastard," the moniker he used to describe the citizens of the neighboring state of Utah. The photo of the apparently toothless commissioner is a self-damning one indeed, a most unflattering photo of one who would lower himself to cast aspersions on others whom he does not know, nor has ever seen. If the citizens of Utah are inbred bastards...then what is he? Collins is the absolute epitome...the poster boy...of an inbred bastard. To say that this jerkoff is butt ugly is an egregious understatement. With what manner of foul monster did HIS mother have sex? Unfortunately for freedom-loving Americans, this uglier- than- a rat-infested sewer pipe of a so-called man is now the norm in the sinking Titanic that is now the formerly great U.S.A. "Men" such as he are the foul, voracious rats that are nibbling and gnawing away at Americans' cherished freedoms. This "man," this "American," Tim Collins, is but one of many reasons why America, once the Beacon of Liberty that once cast its shining Light of Freedom throughout a dark and ignorant now a rapidly declining Ship of State. Collins, like too many other American taxpayer-funded "public servants"...does not consider himself to be a public servant but, rather, a public master. Collins' attitude of superiority to those whom he purports to "serve" is, again unfortunately for freedom-loving Americans...not limited to him. Collins is obviously an exceedingly arrogant, vainglorious man, a public servant who has long forgotten that he is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded government flunky/puppet. Like too many other of America's taxpayer-funded "public servants," Collins perceives himself to be a man who is above the laws that govern the rest of us, a man who, so he perceives, can with impunity cast aspersions on those who pay his salary. Again, and unfortunately, Collins' attitude of superiority to the people he purportedly serves is not unique to him alone. Most of America's so-called public servants now have the same attitude. But there is yet hope for the hard-working taxpayers who find themselves in the bitterly ironic position of paying the salaries of people who are actively, daily and nightly, working against them. Collins issued a thinly veiled threat to the protesters who converged from several surrounding states in support of the Nevada rancher whose property was being seized, without due compensation, by the automatic weapons- brandishing federal government jack-booted wannabe Rambos who have surrounded his ranch for a week now. He told the assembled protesters...American citizens who have the RIGHT to protest government abuse... that they should make funeral arrangements for themselves. If one or more of the protesters had uttered such a statement to Collins, or to one of their jackbooted public servants, he or she would have been charged with terroristic threats and immediately arrested and cast into the gulag. In the Land of the Free that is America, though, the public servants have more rights, privileges and perquisites than those who pay them. This writer would urge concerned Americans not to worry much about the obviously inbred Mr. Collins. Judging by his ugly picture, Collins is not long for this world. He will, in God's due time...descend into hell where he belongs...