Friday, March 14, 2014

William Kunstler hated JFK and defended Ruby; bisexual Barack Obama – murderer of four who knew his secret

..Jewish radical lawyer William Kunstler HATED John Kennedy and covered for Oswald-silencer Jack Ruby “TO PROTECT THE JEWS”

Anyone who has read Michael Collins Piper’s magisterial Final Judgment knows with final certainty who was the driving force behind the murder of our last free and independent president, John Kennedy. It was the Israeli Mossad.

Full text here: Final_Judgment

The Mossad, whose motto is “by way of deception shalt thou wage war,” knew that:
1) the family patriarch, Joe Kennedy Senior, was strongly antisemitic, and as US ambassador had tried to keep American from joining WWII on the British side;
Joe Kennedy Junior and Senior and John
PC 79
2) his son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had written very favorably about Hitler in his published diary;
3) JFK had defended Republican US Senator Robert Taft in his bestseller, Profiles in Courage,for denouncing the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials as a farce;
4) as president, Kennedy had done all in his power to prevent Israel from building The Bomb.
Now here is an additional corroboration to Piper’s book,,,,,
From William Kunstler’s 1995 My Life as a Radical Lawyer, where we learn that Kunstler represented the nightclub and striptease joint owner Jack Ruby, a Meyer Lansky ally, who silenced Lee Harvey Oswald and got Ruby off death row:
Now here is what Kunstler wrote about Ruby….with the sentence below about the “Fair Play for Cuba Association” as pure obfuscation and half-truth. Ruby was not afraid of any pro-Cuba association leading to a pogrom against the Jews!
He was afraid that Oswald, unless gunned down, would prove his innocence, which would then shift the investigation to Kennedy’s real enemies. On orders of HIS boss, Meyer Lansky, Ruby silenced the totally innocent, set-up eccentric Oswald.
Now watch Kunstler, a supposed liberal who nevertheless hated both Kennedys, blast this very Aryan-looking and antisemitic family…………


  1. Another good book - JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, by L. Fletcher Prouty. Col. Prouty was chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Kennedy. A must-read.

  2. Yet another interesting and informative article, Herr Weaver. Over 50 years after the November, 1963 assassination of America's 35th president, John F. Kennedy, speculation still abounds regarding the real murderer ( s ) of one of America's most iconic presidents. Some sources say that at the time of his murder, Kennedy had opposed Israel's intention of developing a nuclear bomb, a weapon of mass destruction that rabidly racist Jewish extremists could have used to destroy their blood enemies, the Palestinians. This is an unlikely scenario, though, because Israel is much too close to Palestinian lands to unleash a weapon that would kill Israelis, too. The more probable scenario that possibly was the catalyst to Kennedy's death was his growing insistence that the privately owned ( Jewish owned ) Federal Reserve "Bank" finally submit to an independent audit. To this day the over 100-year-old Federal Reserve System has never been audited. This is an odd....and suspicious...dynamic, is it not?