Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The NUMEC scandal bursts open again in my town of Apollo, Pennsylvania

Wall Street Journal confirms my accusations about NUMEC

This is an important new article on the case by the Wall Street Journal (of March 14, 2014) It vindicates me in every point — when I said (see the videos below) that the Israelis were building THE BOMB here in Apollo in the 1960s and were dumping the radioactive waste willy-nilly all over the landscape.
BUT this Jew-controlled newspaper of course does not mention for one second who really was behind NUMEC, namely the Middle Eastern troublemaker state of Israel and the mass-murdering, cancer-epidemic-triggering Pittsburgh Jew Zalman Shapiro.
This “kindly old grandpa,” honored in 2009 by the Zionist Organization of America,  got Israel The Bomb. When John Kennedy found out about it, HE WAS MURDERED.
I have done several powerful, high-production-values videos on the topic of NUMEC, where the Israelis illegally built atomic weapons fuel while masquerading as a site making US Navy nuclear fuel.
They smuggled 600 pounds of uranium and plutonium to Israhell.
This was criminal theft of millions of dollars in US property, and violated US policy against nuclear proliferation.
Further, they dumped radioactive waste all over the area and thus, to this day, there is a cancer epidemic in this part of Western Pennsylvania.
My two videos on NUMEC, located in my town of Apollo, Pa.:

…..NUMEC – Israelis make a Pennsylvania town radioactive and kill thousands with cancer as they illegally steal plutonium for their WMDs and dump the waste

Young men of 19 are getting testicular cancer here and 24-year-old mothers of two are contracting thyroid cancer.
And now the American taxpayer is expected to foot the 500 MILLION DOLLAR bill for the radioactive cleanup of the lethal mess that Israel made in OUR country.
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