Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rapidly growing network of license plate scanners threatens privacy of all Americans

Rapidly growing network of license plate scanners threatens privacy of all Americans

A company in Texas is building a nationwide license plate tracking network. There are currently adding entries at a rate of 70 million plate/locations per month. This growing exponentially. Source.
Pretty soon, government entities and private citizens alike will be able to purchase a detailed record of where you have driven your car. What stores you have been parked in front of. A criminal syndicate could use the information to target your car for theft, or burglarize your house when you are usually not at home. Or collect information to blackmail you with.
Is it time to place a photo mask on your license plate? There are now a large number of sprays, films, and led light devices that claim to defeat cameras trying to photograph your license plate.

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  1. This post is a most informative and important one. It warns Americans about the various America-based Hi-Tech devices that are now easily available to corrupt "law enforcement" agencies and various money-hungry quasi- civilian agencies. High tech savvy criminals, too, are able to gain access to the personal information that these mainly white male-contrived devices can obtain. The main culprit identified in this interesting and informative story is the Texas-based Hi-Tech company, the Digital Recognition Network ( DRN ). This Orwellian technology enables the entities mentioned above...and of course obtain an American private citizen's personal driving history down to his or her most minute detail...his or her driving history, where he or she drives and where he or she parks his or her car. Most Americans are blissfully unaware of this probing technology, do not know that their every movement can be, is...tracked by evil entities that do not mean them well. Government is inherently evil regardless of whose hands wield the reins of power. This is not a new dynamic of history but, rather, an ancient one. Wherever and whenever unbridled power is held in the hands of the oligarchy...corruption and the abuse of the people will inevitably ensue. Such is the ever-probing evil nature of mankind when endowed with unabated power. Although most Americans, now apathetic, dumbed-down specimens of humanity, do not realize that they are quietly being enslaved by George Orwell's Big Brother...they are. The ever-seeing eye of Big Brother is now everywhere, watching, probing, searching every move, every activity that formerly free people in supposedly free societies conduct. And, oddly, American-based corporations are at the forefront of this. This writer posited years ago that the time would come when technology would not be the servant of man but, rather, his master. That time has come...has been here possibly for years. And enslaved people who think they are free march in lockstep to the beat of the malevolent drummer who leads them over the sharp cliff of their own destruction. Welcome to George Orwell's 1984. Welcome to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Welcome, ye unseeing bovines, to your disguised slaughter houses. Enjoy your falsely perceived freedom. Then die at the unseen hands of your secret oppressors...