Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet the NARRG Team

Life Rune
To give you a better idea of who NARRG is here is a list and description of some of the people involved. This includes the core team and a support / activist group.
Sanders Pierce, brother of Dr. William Pierce and a long-time member. He has taken a more prominent role in recent years and now is a leading participant in the restoration of his brothers movement.
All of the remaining NA coordinators which include Robert Ransdell and Jim Ring.
Brian Wilson who serves as the NARRG group representative to our legal team of attorneys in Virginia and West Virginia. He also previously served as a National Alliance webmaster.
Michael Weaver, the NA’s top individual activist of the past decade. He also promotes his own White Information Network which gives NARRG additional exposure in cyberspace.
Also one of our members is the National Alliance’s representative to Greece’s Golden Dawn organization. Among overseas nationalist organizations the Alliance was particularly close to the leadership of Golden Dawn due to the interest and work of Dr. Pierce in helping to forge closer ties with them.
Several members whose memberships go back as far as the 1970′s one of whom has been one of the NA’s top financial supporters for these many years and another who served on the national office staff in the 1980′s, and in recent years served as a proto-unit coordinator.
There are 6 members that make up NARRG‘s core with another half-dozen that act as an immediate support and activist group. The six core members alone have 75 years of service to the National Alliance.
It is important to note that every single person connected to NARRG from the most long-standing member who joined in 1974 and another who joined in 1978 to the most junior member continued their support and activism right up until the formation of the NARRG team was deemed necessary to save the National Alliance. That is a significant common denominator among the team members. Not a single member of NARRG abandoned the National Alliance. That’s who we are. We are the National Alliance.

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  1. Where can right wing white activists join a group such as yours?