Tuesday, March 18, 2014

League of the South-Tallahassee Demonstrations



Tallahassee Demonstrations

League of the South protests Marco Rubio in Tallahassee
League of the South protests Marco Rubio in Tallahassee, FL
On Saturday, the League of the South held its fourth rally against Southern Demographic Displacement in Tallahassee, FL.
The event lasted three hours and took place on the grounds the Florida State Capitol. The rally targeted Sen. Marco Rubio for his amnesty bill which passed the Senate last June.
The weather outside was a sunny and pleasant 71 degrees. In spite of our repeated attempts to incite opposition, which included putting up a gigantic and provocative SECEDE billboard within view of the Florida State Capitol, publicizing our event with fliers over two months in advance, and contacting every sociologist at Florida State University, we couldn’t get a single self-styled “anti-fascist” or “anti-racist” to show up and oppose our “extremist” message on the streets.
We had about 50 people show up in Tallahassee – more than at Uvalda & Vidalia, GA andGreer & Traveler’s Rest, SC, but less than at Murfreesboro & Shelbyville, TN. Unlike our previous demonstrations, we only used the Florida State Flag and the Bonnie Blue Flag this time which looked great flapping in the wind:
Bonnie Blue Flag In Tallahassee
League of the South in Tallahassee
League SECEDE Billboard
The overwhelming majority of the cars that passed by in traffic and responded to our “extremist” message were supportive. As always, we had a few negative responses from the public, but those were firmly in the minority. There was no police cordon at our demonstration. There were no clowns congregating across the street screaming ridiculous messages like “white flour.”
Dr. Michael Hill spoke at length to reporters from the Tallahassee Democrat, Florida State University, and Florida A&M University. Presumably, these reporters are writing articles which we expect will be similar to the media coverage in Murfreesboro. Several League members stood across the street and distributed literature to the public. We were very impressed with the SECEDE billboard which looks even better in person and which has already exposed our message to thousands of commuters.
The takeway lesson from the Tallahassee demonstration is the same one that we learned inUvalda & Vidalia, GAMurfreesboro & Shelbyville, TNAtlanta, GA, and Greer & Traveler’s Rest, SC: the only thing that is really stopping us from organizing in the real world, building up our movement, and explicitly advocating on behalf of our people in the South is our own lack of leadership and initiative.
What’s stopping us from having 200, 150, or 100 people instead of 70, 50, or 27 people at our demonstrations? More than anything else, it is logistics, will power, and the media. I will address each of these topics in separate posts.
Note: SNN has a photo gallery with dozens of images from the League demonstration in Tallahassee.

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  1. Thank you League of the South for the excellent job you are doing on behalf of we the people of the south. I will be watching for the next opportunity to meet up with you at one of your rallies. God Bless.