Monday, March 17, 2014

Is any human race composed of “animals”? British WNs treated as mentally ill by ZOG regime

…..Is any human race “beasts of the field”?

Interesting PM I got: “Greetings John. I’m a 56 y/o white male from Louisiana with English, Scot, and German ancestry. Baptist. I am interested in the Jewish problem and began my internet search in hopes of becoming more enlightened. I read daily: David Duke; Alex Jones; Alternative Right; American National Union; American Renaissance; American Thinker; Counterpunch; Henry Makow; Occidental Dissent and Observer; Paul Craig Roberts; Reason; VDare; Taki’s; Spearhead; Western Voices…from following notations and articles within, I discovered the Daily Stormer; Darkmoon; Real Jew News, and now the Rebel. It is disturbing that Jews control so much in media, banking, etc., hence my search for truth. I have three bachelor degrees and graduated cum laude with a 3.54 average, but was denied medical school entry back in the 70′s due to ‘affirmative action.’ I see our country going down the tubes. I was doing some reading recently about the coming ‘blood moons’, and the ‘end times,’ and started thinking and Christians, Jews and their respective Biblical perspectives. I have become after finding out about the Talmud and its teachings…
I’d like your opinion about this: Are all the sects of Jews satanic? Are some still favored by God? Also, I found a book written around 1900, entitled “The Negro A Beast,” by Charles Carroll, which postulates that blacks are not men, but the beasts of the Bible. Under this interesting theory the author supports via scripture that blacks are not the same as man, but beasts; that blacks did not arise from God’s curse on Ham, and; that Cain sinned by mating with the ‘black beasts.’ Interesting reading online (pdf). I hope you’ll respond with some thought-provoking ideas. Thanks.”
John D. Nugent My answer: “Glad to get your thoughtful PM.
Any Jew who is committed to Judaism is satanic. Those who leave it behind are not. I like Brother Kapner and Gilad Atzmon. But Jews who leave Judaism and publicly cross the Rubicon and oppose it and fight it are the rare exception. Most stay with it and profit from it. And of Jewry in general, Martin Luther said: “You have no worse enemy than a Jew committed to Judaism.”
As for us, we are at a total impasse. The Net has intimidated ZOG into not trying another 9/11 on us and then decreeing martial law BUT the effect of obesity, chemtrails, fluoride, cell phone waves, Smart Meters, bisphenol A, estrogen from “The Pill” (contraceptive) in the drinking water, and TV — not to mention the anti-White guilt trip (about the poor Jews, women, Blacks, queers, and Indians we supposedly oppressed) — have led us to a state of being deer staring at the headlights.
No, Blacks are not animals any more than the fat, stupid White Walmart people who voted twice for the White “beast of the field,” George W. Bush, are animals.
Primitive, yes, 50% of Blax ARE primitive, but so are 50% of the Whites. Just look at them wandering around like fat zombies, and giving their little children Mountain Dew for breakfast, a chemical bomb made out of of caffeine and sugar!
I live in a 98% white county in western Pennsylvania, and every a–h— I know is WHITE, including a kid who embezzled $4200 from me after I rescued him from homelessness, knowing it was my rent and back rent money.
Are some Blacks animals? Yes, but so are many Whites. This Armstrong County of ours here is full of WHITE heroin junkies, 37-year-old WHITE men, who literally steal from their 60-year-old WHITE mothers for more drugs.
It is the JEW who is trying to get a race war going, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, so we rip each other to shreds instead of respecting our differences and common needs (jobs, safe streets, good schools, clean entertainment, and heterosexual family values).
Give me a ring sometime soon or today, and btw, I spent a year in Metairie, Louisiana.
(724) 596-4294
PPS I think we should talk. You are probably not living up to your potential and three degrees.”
John Starchild Morrissey do you have the one for tv when was talking about white mummies etc.? You pulled out the guns, cocked, lol, that one.
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John D. Nugent To John Starchild Morrissey: HOSTILE, LYING VIDEO BY DISCOVERY CHANNEL: A Discovery Channel program from February 2010 — contradicting two earlier Discovery Channel documentaries (“Homicide at Kennewick” and “Ice Age Columbus”). Four hostile non-whites show up, and sit within three feet of me, having no bodyguards on such short notice. This explain the pistols. The British, half-Jewish, bisexual host, Olly Steeds, ridicules the scientific fact (proven by skeletons, tools, weapons and carbon dating) that whites came to the Americas thousands of years before the Amerindians and attacks me as a dangerous man. Four hours of interview with JdN are edited down to four hostile minutes. But after the Alan Colmes show the Jews do not like to do live shows with me which they cannot edit afterward.
February 24, 2010 Discovery Channel hatchet job on me:

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