Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Germany get off your knees - The Ernst Zundel Story



  1. Did Six Million Really Die? Evidently not, or there wouldn't be so many evil Jews causing trouble like this in the world today.

  2. America, get off your knees also. Our country has millions of illegals running loose with no fear of arrest and deportation. Many of them are even being supported by the American taxpayers, yet the Zionists who occupy our government can get away with doing this to an innocent White man. Wake up America. Remember, you could be next.

  3. Tell the truth about the European Union and that obama whore Merkle. Obama, Merkle and Zugerberg (head of Facebook) were very active in the recent "moslem invasion of Europe." It is also time to address the secret jew alliance with moslems and the fact that numerous CEOs of protestant mainline religions have signed secret codicils with Islam offering support of an American Caliphate. With the exception of men like General Boykin, the Christian religion in America has been neutralized by the jew/commie/establishment (republicans and democrats)/negro-racist/moslem imperialist/illegal immigrant (sanctuary cities) conspiratorial coalition. Its Hammer time!