Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dr. William Pierce: What's the Most Important Thing in your Life?


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  2. Dr. Pierce was and still is an inspiration to me. Please support the NARRG and help preserve the work that Dr. Pierce did over his lifetime on behalf of all of us.

  3. A life-long insomniac doesn't like being aroused from his fitfull half slumber before his time. A long night of tossing and turning, his hyperactive brain ceaselessly churning. But someone was rapping, not gently tapping, upon his front porch door. "Geez," I mumbled. "A guy can't get a break unless he falls off a truck!" I threw on my clothes and half stumbled to the door, my beloved dog, Boshia, following me. "Who can it be now?" "Who can it be now?" I muttered as I opened the door. There were two men standing about 10 feet from the door, right off the edge of the front patio. Both were young, both were white. One of them was clad in civilian attire, the other in the casual uniform of a Muscogee County sheriffs deputy. Both had sidearms clasped to their belts. I rolled my eyes and shook my head slightly. Here we go again, I thought.
    "Morning sir," said the deputy in the blue polo shirt and khakis. He held some envelopes in his hand. "We need to talk to you." Then, as if an afterthought had occurred to him, he said with obviously feigned casualness: "Does Michael Weaver live here?" To be continued...