Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chicago Teachers Union-Karen Lewis "This City Belongs to Black People and Not White People."


  1. Oh, so this is why the schools are failing and the city is a cesspool of violent crime. Keep going on strike to steal more and more money from White taxpayers, then sit back and blame them for the blacks' inability to succeed.

  2. My, but is this ebony she-pig power-tripping or what? What cabal elected her to the position of spokespig for one of America's largest cities? Ultimately, though, these questions are merely rhetorical, moot questions. Chicago, once a wealthy and thriving metropolis when it was led by competent white leadership, is now a poorer-by-the-day, Third World-style ramshackle hovel of a town that can barely pay its bills. Chicago, once the "Town of Big Shoulders" that strode confidently on the world stage, is now a gaunt, disheveled and frail specter that shuffles timorously about on the garbage-strewn streets, all of which lead to nowhere. Chicago, once a reasonably clean and safe city, is now a smelly, black crime-ridden fetid cesspool of a city from which its white citizens seek to escape. Many of Chicago's more affluent erstwhile citizens have already escaped the increasingly foul, dark, dirty and dangerous streets of the city in which it is deadly to walk after dark. The black sow Karen Lewis and her black racist commie comrades can HAVE Chicago, and may their god, Satan, help them in their ill-conceived, misbegotten misadventure. Like every other city in America and the world, it is the white taxpayer structure that sustains Chicago and its innumerable social programs upon which the under-achieving black underclass relies for its basic necessities. Once the white taxpayer base that sustains Chicago and its ever-increasing, non-working black underclass is gone...the non-working, black criminal underclass will be left bereft of the social services that the hated white man has provided them for the past several decades. If ( or when ) this happens, social discord...chaos...will inevitably ensue. Good luck, Karen Lewis, with your idiotic and racist endeavor to rid Chicago of whitey, for if ( or when ) this happens...be prepared for massive social discord...chaos. A mere cursory study of history will reveal the sad but irrefutable fact that the black race is unable to sustain its existence without the constant assistance of the white race. Be careful what you ask for, African Queen Karen...you might get it. The white race does not need you, Karen, nor any other of your misbegotten race. If anything, you and your fellow black racists need us of the white race. The white race can get along quite well without the black race...but the black race cannot get along without the white race. Ponder...