Sunday, February 2, 2014

Poison Pen Letter Smearing Dr.William L.Pierce Emerges:Could Erich Gliebe be behind it?

poisonpenletter2It has come to our attention recently that Erich Gliebe’s ex-wife has supposedly authored and signed off on a scathingly and admittedly unsubstantiated and non-resourced poison pen letter attacking Dr. William Pierce, put up on Facebook and e-mailed to a certain number of Alliance members. Some of the Alliance members who have reported getting this trashy comment in their in-boxes have remarked to us that they have no idea how Erich’s ex-wife got their e-mail addresses.
It is our belief and opinion from information we know of that it was most likely Erich Gliebe himself who supplied the addresses to his ex-wife to have this vitriol sent to the many Alliance members who oppose him in a cheap circus like effort to try to demoralize and drive a wedge in between the spirit of those of us who are trying to restore the good name of the National Alliance by attacking, in the most scurrilous manner, the personage of its Founder. In this effort, we can say conclusively that Gliebe has certainly failed.
Gliebe now feels that with his smoke & mirrors “new direction” he can now afford to jettison the name of Dr. Pierce and clandestinely attack it while his several supporters naively continue to invoke the good Doctor’s name. Gliebe has indirectly and backhandedly attacked Dr. Pierce previously in his bulletins but didn’t want to put his own name to something of this sort. In usual fashion, Gliebe is adept at getting others to naively do his dirty work for him.
This certainly isn’t surprising as Gliebe and his ex have “kissed and made up”at least once previously since their parting. On that occasion he was able to enlist the ex’s support to secretly record a number of conversations with a former member who knows the ex very well and seems to have his own personal score to settle with Erich from many years ago.  And you may have thought only Kevin Strom recorded his conversations. Reportedly, Gliebe has routinely done the same since at least 2004 and upon the parting of the ways of the two Gliebe’s, the ex claims that upon a visit by government agents to their home in 2009, the agents removed recording and listening devices from the premises!
There are some other considerations. The only person to have ever uttered any words on the theme of this hit piece to our knowledge is Gliebe himself. And indeed the wording of some of the paragraphs by the ex are virtual repetitions of the spoken words of Gliebe in private conversation. The ex makes attacks not only on Dr. Pierce but others additionally but the stunning aspect of this is that there isn’t a single bad word mentioned about Erich Gliebe in the article, even though over the years it was Erich Gliebe who figured most highly as the single person to have ruined the life of the ex according to the ex. Strange don’t you think?
Certainly the ex has e-mail addresses of some Alliance people. However, we are receiving reports of people in wonderment as to how they became recipients of the article as they have never been in touch with the ex. We can only surmise that the extra addresses were supplied by Erich Gliebe himself from the organizations records.
We would now like to compile a list of Alliance people who have received this unsolicited mail from Erich Gliebe’s ex who have never been in communication previously with the ex. Please send your communication to us through this website’s webmaster please.
In conclusion, this piece may have been signed off by Erich’s ex but it has the goals and interests of Erich Gliebe embedded into it, not only in the theme but in the method of conveyance. The ex, on the surface, has no dog in this fight, unless some sort of understanding has been agreed to between them.

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  1. Erich Gliebe, the "white-rights activist" chosen by the three-member board of directors after the untimely and unexpected passing of Dr. William L. Pierce on July 23, a disgrace to the memory of Dr. Pierce in particular and to the white-rights movement in general. Dr. Pierce, a former university professor and solid-state physicist, established the Alliance in the early '70s. During Pierce's leadership, the Alliance was a united, cohesive force to be reckoned with, a force that struck fear and grudging respect into the black hearts of the blood enemies of the white race and white rights. Leftist/communist forces such as the Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern "Poverty" Law Center ( SPLC ), and the rabid Zionist Jewish cabal, the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ), sought desperately to destroy Pierce's politically incorrect and unpopular white-rights group since its very inception. Their efforts failed miserably. After Pierce's death, though, the organization was destroyed from within by one of his most trusted lieutenants, Erich Gliebe. Gliebe, who lives in the area of Parma, Ohio, showed his true colors and character after he was entrusted to don the mantle as the head of the National Alliance. Under Gliebe's "leadership," the National Alliance is now a moribund, defunct organization that now exists in name only. Most of its dedicated and long-time members have resigned from the organization due to Gliebe's self-serving malfeasance. Under Gliebe's feckless leadership the once pristine and well-organized Alliance compound in West Virginia has deteriorated into a shabby shadow of its former well-manicured grandeur. Gliebe, a self-serving opportunist, a cynical traitor to the noble cause of white rights, has during his tenure as chairman of the Alliance debased the efforts of Pierce and betrayed the trust of his dedicated followers. Gliebe, although a white man, is alleged to conduct himself more like a Negroid or Jew. Gliebe, so it is alleged by people who have monitored his actions...has a penchant for gambling, a proclivity for patronizing strip bars. One must wonder how and where Gliebe obtains the money to engage in these degenerate activities. Perhaps he uses the hard-earned money donated to him by well-meaning but naïve contributors who still believe that he is conducting Alliance business, not pursuing his own personal, dissolute pleasures. If Gliebe and his former stripper wife have re-united, the reunion will be short lived. Gliebe's ex wife will, of course, abandom him once the money is she did before. But there is good news to report nonetheless. Even now there are honest and competent men working avidly to wrest control of Pierce's Alliance from the foul, greedy hands of Gliebe and his self-serving, race-traitor cohorts who care nothing about the well-being of the white race. With much blood, sweat and tears, and with the proper dedicated leadership...the Alliance can yet survive as a viable force to secure the continued existence of the white race...