Wednesday, January 8, 2014

White students now a minority in Illinois public schools

White students now a minority in Illinois public schools

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis blames the shortcomings of black and Latino students on white people.
Illinois became the first Midwestern state for white students to drop below 50% in the public schools. As the student body becomes less white the remaining white students, not to mention their taxpaying parents, will have a more difficult time.
Chicago is already notorious for anti-white hatred preached right in the classroom. In fact, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is openly anti-white. Shepublicly blames the shortcomings of black and Latino students on white people.
The solution that Karen Lewis proposes is that white people pay higher taxes, so blacks and Latinos can have more expenses schools. Chicago public school students are already lavished with a staggering $13,432 per pupil per year! Though a lot of that money is looted by administrators with outrageous salaries. Some Chicago public school administration make over $200,000 a year. Chicago is famous around the world for the level of third world style corruption.
Already majority non-white public schools in Illinois receive more funding than majority white public schools. This is a trend that is seen all over the country.  Theover-funding of majority black public schools is done with money taken from whites in other communities. Nation-wide, a black students in a majority black public school averages $571 in per pupil expenditures more than the average white student in a majority white public school.
White parents in heavily black areas are by far the worst hit. They must pay high property taxes for the public schools and then pay tuition to send their own children to a private school. If they can not afford private school tuition, their children face racial bullying and even beatings at majority non-white schools.
New enrollment numbers show that lllinois’ public school system for the first time does not have a white majority, with Latino, black, Asian and other racial groups combined eclipsing white students across the state’s classrooms.
Whites fell to 49.76 percent of the student body this school year, the new data show, a demographic tipping point that came after years of sliding white enrollment and a rise in Latino, Asian and multiracial students.
The black student population also has declined, but it still makes up almost 18 percent of the state’s public school students.
The Illinois State Board of Education posted the fall enrollment figures online in December, but spokeswoman Mary Fergus cautioned that the numbers could change if districts make corrections in the coming months. Even a small change in the figures “could make all the difference,” in whether minority students become the majority in Illinois schools, she said.
The fall figures reported by districts are not far apart for 2013-14. White students: 1,023,382. Other racial groups: 1,033,110.
If those numbers hold, Illinois would be one of a dozen states — and the first in the Midwest — to have a school system in which minority students are in the majority, according to the most recent federal education data. Included in that category are Western and Southern states with large Latino or black populations, as well as the District of Columbia, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

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  1. I have little doubt that here in Muscogee County of Columbus Georgia that the statistics are about the same. I have no doubt that in smaller cities like Eufaula Alabama there are many more black than white students in the public schools.