Saturday, January 25, 2014

Strom’s Admission of Perversion in Court Documents

Strom’s Admission of Perversion in Court Documents

American Nationalist Networkbroadcaster Rodney Martin has produced a second program of information concerning the Kevin Strom pedophilia case on his World View Foundations program aired on January 22, 2014.
As we’ve noted, Mr. Martin has been carefully studying this case having taken a keen interest in it for the protection of all those working for the interests of our people. He capably argues that the introduction of and toleration for any low-life in our circles, whether a pedophile, homosexual, federal stool pigeon, mental case, etc. need to be spiritually and politically subjected to a communal “Night of the Long Knives” of ostracism applied towards the scum who infect too many circles. Rodney Martin draws a “line in the sand” with this broadcast taking a cue from our founder Dr. William Pierce to advocate a firm disassociation with all the “movement freaks”.
In this 45 minute program, Mr. Martin focuses on Kevin Strom’s perverted“courting” and harassment of a 9 year old little girl and also reads a selection of statements of admissions of wrongdoing by Mr. Strom from the actual court documents. Strom admits to populating his computer with the perverted child images he plead guilty to. You can listen to Mr. Martin’s program here.
Again, NARRG must take every opportunity to alert our viewers about Kevin Strom as he is trying to illegally appropriate the identity and intellectual property of the National Alliance with the aid of other undesirables. We loath the idea that we now have to focus additionally on this disgusting person but we must speak out to protect the National Alliance’s interests as long as Kevin Strom and Will Williams threaten it.
Listen now to Rodney Martin’s program.


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