Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rand Paul endorses mass amnesty for illegal aliens

Rand Paul endorses mass amnesty for illegal aliens

Rand Paul ran for the US Senate on a campaign of border security. Now Rand Paul is endorsing mass amnesty for all illegal aliens.
He told ABC’s This Week that he wants to let illegal aliens to have stay and issue work visas to an undisclosed number of new immigrants on top of that.
Ironically Rand Paul railed against unemployment right before endorsing a policy that would send unemployment rates skyrocketing. Rand Paul can’t seem to understand the most basic economics. More labor equal lower wages and fewer available jobs.
This comes on the heels of Rand Paul’s right-wing staff member Jack Hunter resigning and publicly denouncing himself as a “racist.” Hunter had spent years publishing right-wing columns and praising men like Pat Buchanan and Samuel Francis.
Just a week ago American Renaissance published a column calling Rand Paul the biggest “Renegade” of 2013. The column says Rand Paul “did the most damage when he could have done the most good.”
Rand Paul (fast forward to 8:45 on the video)…
Yes. The reason — and I’ve had this conversation with Senator Schumer before — is that the reason it has failed is that the Senate bill that he proposed actually limited work visas and, I think, creates an incentive for more illegal immigration.
I’m for very expansive work visas. If you want to come to our country or if you’re one of the 11 million who are here, I’m for giving you a work visa.
There is a debate, though, over citizenship and how quickly. I don’t think the House is ready for citizenship.
So, really, the question to Democrats is will you go halfway?
Are you willing to try to bring the 11 million people who are here, bring them out of the shadows, give them an existence, try to have — be more humane and try to get them a better situation for them?
That could happen tomorrow. The problem is, is the sticking point going to be we have to have immediate voting privileges for those who came here illegally?
I think that’s more of a sticking point.
If the Democrats are willing to come halfway, I think we can pass something — some meaningful reform that would help the 11 million who are here.

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  1. Senator Rand Paul's recent remarks regarding illegal immigrants have caused conservatives throughout America to shake their heads in anger and frustration. Although the Republican senator from Kentucky ran for and was elected to office under the banner of no amnesty for illegals, he seems to have changed his stance on this vitally important issue. After conferring with his senate colleague, Sen. Charles Shumer, D-N.Y., Rand now says that he favors giving illegals virtually unrestricted work visas that would have the effect of de facto amnesty. A sizable majority of Americans have for years voiced their opposition to unrestricted amnesty at a time when an increasing number of legal Americans are without jobs and thus are struggling to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, though, America's "public servants" care not about the wishes of the people who pay them. It is the American people who are the servants The American economy has been in severe recession for the past five years, coincident with the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. Mere common sense would ( or should ) dictate that a nation cannot absorb countless millions of foreign workers at a time when its own citizens are out of work. But then, common sense is not at all common. There is, however, an important component of this issue that has not been discussed either by the media or by economists. That component is this: The American Social Security System is rapidly approaching insolvency, or is already insolvent. The legalization of millions of illegals would have the effect, then, of transferring them from the underground employment market in which they are paid in taxes deducted, including FICA taxes... to the legitimate "above-ground" market in which they would be paid by check, all customary taxes deducted, including social security taxes. This would have the effect of injecting billions of dollars into the now moribund social security "trust fund" upon which millions of current retirees rely and upon which millions of future retirees will rely. The importance of this cannot be overestimated. Although most retirees receive work-related pensions in addition to social security funds...funds they paid into the system via a lifetime of work...many millions of others do not. Their retirement income is based solely on the funds they contributed to the social security system during their nose-to-the-grindstone working lives. The politicians in Washington D.C. know this. They are, after all, "insiders" who know more about the intricate arcana of American socio-political dynamics than do the increasingly ignorant, Jewish media dumbed-down masses of Americans. They know that the social security "lockbox" does not exist and never did. They know that this so-called lockbox has been raided countless times, its funds depleted by useless foreign wars...Middle Eastern wars, that is...wars waged for the benefit of Israel, not America...wars that have cost beleaguered American taxpayers trillions of dollars...wars that have availed them nothing but the needless expenditure of their hard-earned money and the tragic waste of young American lives. They know these hidden facts because they are the ones who caused them. The voracious fox guards the henhouse. Perhaps, then, this is why Sen. Paul has changed his previous stance regarding amnesty for illegals. He knows that the current tax base cannot sustain the millions of aging Americans who will retire in the coming years. He knows that massive social discord...chaos...will ensue when these aging Americans reach retirement age and discover that they have been robbed of their earned retirement income. But then...perhaps this is the REAL purpose of the FEMA camps spread throughout this country...