Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Michigan University black power student group makes thinly veiled threat of violence against school

Michigan University black power student group makes thinly veiled threat of violence against school

A militant black power student group is demanding that Michigan University give blacks free tuition, special subsidized student housing for blacks,  increase funding for black racial groups, and adopt radical anti-white teachings as part of the official curriculum.
The black group is threatening “physical action” if their demands are not met in seven days.
“We have heard the phrase ‘we are listening’ since 1970, and I am tired of waiting for a response,” senior Shayla Scales said.
“… Without action, alternatively, we will be forced to engage as an entire community in ways to implement the changes we request. We will allow the university seven days to end negotiations and come to conclusions on our seven demands. If negotiations are not complete we will be forced to do more, beginning to increase valiantly our activism for social progress and take physical actions on the University of Michigan’s campus.”
The group’s seven demands were read by senior Erick Gavin:
  • We demand that the university give us an equal opportunity to implement change, the change that complete restoration of the BSU purchasing power through an increased budget would obtain.
  • We demand available housing on central campus for those of lower socio-economic status at a rate that students can afford, to be a part of university life, and not just on the periphery.
  • We demand an opportunity to congregate and share our experiences in a new Trotter [Multicultural Center] located on central campus.
  • We demand an opportunity to be educated and to educate about America’s historical treatment and marginalization of colored groups through race and ethnicity requirements throughout all schools and colleges within the university.
  • We demand the equal opportunity to succeed with emergency scholarships for black students in need of financial support, without the mental anxiety of not being able to focus on and afford the university’s academic life.
  • We demand increased exposure of all documents within the Bentley (Historical) Library. There should be transparency about the university and its past dealings with race relations.
  • We demand an increase in black representation on this campus equal to 10 percent.


  1. What is all this "we demand" business? If you are not able to succeed on your own at the university level then you need to leave and flip burgers for a living. Try demanding $15 an hour there and see how that works out for you.

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