Saturday, January 11, 2014

If There Were Ever Any Doubt

PedophileDocumentTake a look at the above document posted January 8 by a poster on the Stormfront forum; an admission via contract entered into by Kevin Strom with his then wife in September of2006 and notarized by a notary public in Albemarle County VA where the couple resided.  If you look carefully you can see the official imprinted notary seal.
We have heard about the existence of this contract of Strom’s which is an admission of a sexually perverted sickness and his agreement to seek psychiatric help for same. The therapy received by Strom apparently didn’t effect a cure. This contract was executed a year before Kevin Strom was arrested making the claim of a frame up ridiculous. This document is not a new revelation as it was posted years earlier on a now defunct National Alliance forum.
According to the January 1, 2014 internet broadcast, “A Perverted False Prophet Returns” on the World View Foundations program of theAmerican Nationalist Network, a document that is filed within the Strom case court records (which is public information) bears the same description as the program host describes it as the one you see here. You can listen to this program and hear the description of the contract for yourselves at this website or at the American Nationalist Network.
It is our understanding and belief that the document you see here is one and the same as the one exposed on the old defunct NA forum years ago, then eventually submitted into the court records after the arrest of Kevin Strom in 2007 and described in detail on the American Nationalist Network program of January 1 of this year.
What more is there to say on this? Can you imagine the reaction from Dr. Pierce if he were still with us? As bad as the situation is with the National Alliance deteriorating to near point of expiration in these abysmal Gliebe years, one small consolation was that the organization didn’t in addition have to suffer even more embarrassment from Kevin Strom as we were lucky enough to see his jettisoning before all this sordidness was discovered. His copy-cat group formed in 2005 fell largely because of the odious revelation. Since his guilty plea nearly 6 years ago he has been relegated to the backwaters until this new attempt by Will Williams torehabilitate him with this frame-up nonsense.
Some of our people have fallen more and more under the degeneracy of the times. But let us hope that just 6 years hence of Strom’s admission of guilt in a court of law and 8 years ago his legal admission of a sexual sickness to his wife via this notarized document, that in 2014, even the degenerates amongst us haven’t yet fallen so low to as to call forth such a sick man into a role as a spokesman for the White race. Again we reiterate, “What is bad does not belong to us.”


  1. Michael, I looked on Stormfront, not having much recollection of what Kevin's version of this was, and found this:

    Strom has strongly maintained his innocence since day one and still does.

    1. He never "confessed" and in fact altered the document his blackmailing wife had written to make it clear it was not a confession. When he went to his long-term counselor, the counselor completely cleared him of pedophilia and wrote a document to that effect. Kevin Strom is probably the only man within a thousand miles certified NOT to be a pedophile.

    2. The tape recording was edited to make it seem to say the opposite of what it really said and to remove context. This is made obvious by the fact that the original recording was (illegally) made by Strom's ex-wife in the presence of the counselor who cleared Strom of pedophilia.

    3. He "pled guilty" only to INADVERTENT possession of 8 files placed on his computer, some placed by his wife or the FBI / JTTF agent she was sleeping with. Read his statement to the judge. If he hadn't done this he likely wouldn't have seen his kids for at least ten years and he wouldn't be fighting the racial enemy today. Kevin Alfred Strom?s Address to the Court « Kevin Alfred Strom

    When you add to these the facts that during the "investigation" his ex-wife admitted that she was sleeping with the only other "witness" in the case, FBI / JTTF agent Brian O'Donnell (whose life she later tried to ruin by stalking and blogging about him and his fellow "task force" members, which landed her in jail briefly, after she had a falling out with him), that half of the 8 files had "last modified" dates AFTER Strom had left the home and the computer in question, that the rest of the 8 files were really little thumbnail-sized ads from some forum spam all of which were DELETED, and and that Strom DIDN'T EVEN HAVE POSSESSION of or access to the computer in question for over FIVE MONTHS before he was charged -- and you have a very questionable case indeed, one that should have been thrown out of court in five seconds.

  2. I will add that I am surprised you would be doing the SPLC's work for them in spreading this trash around, considering your own experience with being railroaded for being a White Nationalist.

  3. I posted the points above, which I found on a thread on Stormfront, on the National Alliance "Reform and Restoration Group" and they were deleted, though not before a couple of posters had commented on them. Given that I expect my reply to their comments to be deleted there as well, I will post it here.

    As you can see, since posting the above points, I have looked at the document referred to, which allegedly clears Kevin Strom of pedophilia.

  4. (Comment posted on the NARRG)

    fortheloveof88! wrote: "I have one question. Since when can a “qualified counselor” declare anybody free from pedophilia? They make it sound like a rash. In my opinion it is a genetic defect, it isn’t going to be cured."

    In answer to your question, fortheloveof88!, "qualified counselors" are asked to make these determinations all the time.

    I looked up the document, and it is clear that the counselor, Dr. Harvey Yoder, is not declaring that Strom has been "cured" of pedophilia, but that he was not a pedophile to begin with. Here are the determinative statements.

    " my professional judgment I do not see Mr. Strom meeting any of the criteria in the DSM IV for being a pedophile."

    This is very clear. Dr. Yoder is not saying that Strom has been "cured" of being a pedophile, but that he does not meet the criteria for being a pedophile--in other words, is NOT a pedophile.

    Further, he writes: "I find no credible evidence that he has ever engaged in any inappropriate or illegal sexual or otherwise behavior with any child, male or female."

    It is clear from these passages that the statement I quoted earlier from a Stormfront thread, "the counselor completely cleared him of pedophilia and wrote a document to that effect," is accurate. And unless you question Dr. Yoder's competence or objectivity, I can't see any reason to doubt his determination.

    However, since I see that my original comment and all others of mine have been deleted (as I expect this one to be as well), it's obvious that the truth is not what is being sought here.


  6. Having read the various posts regarding the alleged crimes of Kevin A. Strom, this writer is suspicious of the sources of these troubling allegations. Yes...allegations, and who, or what, leftist organizations and even the governments, both state and federal, have launched these charges against him? As you yourself know, Michael, the numerous leftist organizations seek avidly to discredit...debase...key members of the Jew-hating "right wing" organizations that are gaining increasing credence in the white-rights movement, a movement that is a threat to the Jewish power structure. Communist leftists, as you know...are avidly at work in their sinister objective to discredit white rights organizations and especially the key people who represent them. As you also know, one of the many components of our long-term blood, ideological enemies is to destroy the reputation ( s ) of those whom they perceive to be their main antagonists, i.e., those whom they, the Jewish power structure, perceive to be a threat to them and their agenda. A charge of child, as you know, the absolutely worst charge that can be leveled against a person...especially against a person who poses a threat to the powers mentioned above. As you yourself should know based on your own current situation, the law as written can, and frequently is...manipulated against a defendant whom the "law" can, and often is, manipulated against people who speak out against the abjectly corrupt power structure that, alas, prevails in these corrupt days. People who are, have been...effective opponents of the existing Jewish power structure are targeted for legal abuse....a legal lynching, if you will. You, yourself...were a victim of this, based on your political ideology. Our now-deceased mutual friend, Dustin...fell prey to this evil dynamic. A prosecutor's paid job is to prosecute and convict, whether the accused is guilty of the alleged crime or not. Strom may in fact be guilty of the crime for which he was charged...but maybe not. The "law" as exists now in America exists to abuse, imprison people, destroy their good reputations. Countless thousands of innocent people even now languish in America's innumerable gulags, jails and prisons...based on false, trumped-up charges. Remember Dustin...