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Dissidents Face Jail & Poverty In Canada

Dissidents Face Jail & Poverty In Canada

Brad Love
by Paul Fromm
Canada doesn’t deserve its reputation as a bastion of human rights. Its diplomats talk a lot about human rights, but free speech, especially for populist dissidents, is in short supply in the Dominion of Canada.
When Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that homosexuals would not be allowed to recruit or propagandize at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics there was an international outcry from the homosexual lobby and the left. Canada’s unmarried Foreign Minister John Baird scolded: “What’s going on in Russia is probably just as much about freedom of speech as about gay rights,” he said. “You can’t even have free speech to advocate your own political views?”*
In enduring Canada’s self-righteous lecturing, the Russian President might have whispered the names of a few Canadian dissidents who are in jail or face jail for nothing more than the non-violent expression of their political views.
There’s Brad Love.The decade long saga of state persecution of inveterate Canadian letter writer Brad Love reached a new low November 28, when he was charged with writing a letter to his own lawyer! Mr. Love was jailed in 2003 for 18 months for writing non-threatening letters to public officials. Most of his letters opposed Canada’s open-door immigration policies.
While many of his fellow prisoners while away their time watching television or semi-comatose on the medications freely ladled out by the authorities, on the twice daily “candy wagon”, Brad prefers to read and write. Can’t have that. Better be a compliant zombie than a dissident thinker in politically correct Canada. Mr. Love’s incoming mail was held up for more than a month and he has been informed he is not allowed to write to anyone.
Brad Love, a decade after his conviction under Canada’s notorious “hate law” (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code) for writing non-threatening letters to public officials criticizing Canada’s immigration mess, is still mired in the toils of repression.
In March, 2009, he was arrested by eight armed detectives at a Toronto free speech meeting for sending some information packages to four Toronto Jewish groups. In July 2012, after 10 court appearances which required travel from Alberta, time off work, loss of wages, he was sentenced to a further 18 months in prison, plus a further three year gag order from writing letters to the media or politicians. He has called his ordeal “an abuse by process.”
He applied for bail, pending an appeal. In July, 2013, this bail was arbitrarily revoked. So, for the past five months, he has languished in jail, again for nothing more than the non-violent expression of his populist, no nonsense working guy views,
Brad was employed in a lucrative job in Alberta’s tar sands in Fort McMurray. The arbitrary imprisonment punishes him for his views, denies him an income and, ironically, denies the state a hefty junk of his pay in taxes.
Brad Love reported that, on November 28, police arrived at the prison in Lindsay, Ontario. He was charged with violating an Alberta bail undertaking or condition forbidding him to write, text or e-mail to any person. [Yes, that was a condition for freedom pending trial in Alberta, not North Korea!]
In July, Mr. Love went back to Court and had the bail conditions amended so that he could write to anyone, except the parties to whom he was charged with sending “scurrilous” political material.
“The cops are just bullies,” Mr. Love said. “They arrest the free speech guy in jail for writing to his own lawyer about free speech. It’s crazy! I told them to check the paper work. I’m allowed to write to my own lawyer” Peter Lindsay, and, indeed, anyone other than certain politicians and media people in Fort McMurray.”
Further, Mr. Love reported, a fellow inmate who had sent out some letters for Bad was warned: “You could be getting out of here soon. You’d better have nothing to do with Brad!”
When Mr. Love appeared in Court, December 19, he provided a copy of his amended bail conditions, permitting him to write to anyone but the parties in his case. The Crown or prosecution refused to accept this and insisted on obtaining the court transcript. So, back to jail for Brad. In court, January 2, Mr. Love was again remanded. Offering the excuse that it had been holiday time, the prosecution had not yet obtained the transcript.
“What did they think I had done,” Mr. Love demanded, “forged my amended bail conditions in my prison cell?” Mr. Love is not allowed to take his legal papers to his cell even to prepare or study them.
You can write to political prisoner Brad Love, one of our “men behind the wire” at:
Brad Love [557137416]
541 Highway 36,
Box 4500,
Lindsay, ON.,
K9V 4S6
Another case with huge implications for freedom of speech is currently working tis way through the Court of Queen’s Bench in New Brunswick.
Robert McCorkill, a retired university chemistry professor, died in 2004 in St. John, New Brunswick, and left a substantial collection of ancient coins and artifacts to the White Nationalist National Alliance in the U.S..The anti-free speech U.S. partisan group called the Southern Poverty Law Centre has vowed to kibosh the bequest. Joining the hitherto silent — for nine years! — sister (who, though claiming straitened circumstances is represented by a pricey Moncton law firm) in seeking to quash the bequest is the Attorney General of New Brunswick, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, all seeking to overturn the will.
The long-estranged sister Isabelle McCorkell (different spelling) who had taken no part in the 9 years legal proceeding leading to the will being probated in May, 2013, took a sudden interest and obtained an injunction, freezing the estate.
The Canadian Association for Free Expression, headed by CoCC International Director Paul Fromm, has intervened in the application to try to prevent a dangerous precedent from being set. Isabelle McCorkell and the Attorney General of New Brunswick who is supporting her position argue that the bequest is advancing the bold argument that the bequest is “contrary to public policy.” CAFE counters: “ Abortion on demand is the law of the land in Canada. Would a bequest to a pro-life group be ruled contrary to the public good? The implications of this case are frightening!”
Several more rounds in court have seen the affidavits of the Southern Poverty Law Centre seriously challenged. In a November 13 ruling, a New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench judge sided with many of CAFE’s submissions in striking down many passages in five affidavits filed by parties seeking to nullify a sizeable the bequest..
Judge William T. Grant “went half and half,” CAFE’s lawyer Andy Lodge noted. He struck much of the Mark Potok affidavits. Potok, an official with the Southern Poverty Law Centre, which instigated the attack on the National Alliance’s legacy, provided two affidavits heavy with name calling — “neo-Nazi, white supremacist” — and light on facts. Under New Brunswick legal rules of procedure, affidavits presented in an application must be strictly limited to facts within the knowledge of the person swearing the affidavit.
“The judge’s ruling will help them keep to the facts,” Mr. Lodge commented. “We are focused on keeping the state and courts out of wills,” he added.
CAFE intervened to prevent hyped up emotionalism and the vilification of a beneficiary from thwarting the clear intention of a testator. “Beneficiaries must not be subjected to a politically correct litmus test. That would be a legal revolution and a huge break with our Anglo-Saxon legal traditions,” a CAFE statement said.
An unfavorable outcome could set a precedent on both sides of the border. – Paul Fromm


  1. I wasn't aware of this. In part because of the brainwashing media here in Spain, but seeing how abos are treated there I guess Canadians had it coming. No civilized country can escape anti-white measures. Maybe Finland or Iceland, but as Sweden has already collapsed...who knows what the future could provide...

  2. Most people envision the "sovereign" nation of Canada as a vast expanse of snow, ice and forests comprised of four or five main provinces, each one consisting of its own bustling, key centers of white civilization and commerce. The capital of Canada, Toronto, is a key example of this dynamic. Toronto....and Canada itself....was founded by the white British in the early 18th century., The population of Canada consists of French-speaking areas and English-speaking areas, each area often contending, sometimes violently, with the other. Introduce into this already volatile mix the masses of legal and illegal immigrants who speak the languages and practice the social customs of the foreign countries whence they came. They speak neither English nor French, but various other languages that native Canadians do not understand. Yet, oddly, native English and French-speaking Canadians are required by their government to accept these odd,foreign people into their society, a most problematic social dynamic indeed. . Any...every...viable sovereign country requires that the immigrants who seek entry into their country at least, as a basic able to speak the language ( s ) spoken by the people of that respective country. Unfortunately, though, the immigrants who clamor for entry into Canada and other white Western countries seek not to assimilate themselves into the host societies that via their ill-conceived liberal policies accept them into their societies but, rather, accept them without question or scrutiny. The elitist powers-that-be who rule like kings and queens over the feudal-era serfs who comprise the masses of Canadian society care not about the well-being of the foul, unwashed masses of their subjects. No, not at all. What is good for the elitists is good for all, and no mere dirty, unwashed and ignorant serf is allowed to complain under penalty of law. This foul dynamic is, as always, the fault of the elitists who control whatever country they control. To be continued...